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Scaled Agile Gold SPCT Transformation Partner
ICON's Talent and Experience is the
Key to our Client's Outcomes

As a Gold SPCT Transformation Partner, ICON's highly credentialed coaches have the experience to

  • guide the most complex transformations at all levels of the enterprise
  • train product, leadership, SW/HW/Data roles in agile practices
  • ensure the lean-agile values and practices stick
  • build the foundation and re-usable assets you need to reach self-sufficiency

We help you build your teams and ARTs by selecting only the highly qualified agile practitioners to

  • model the skills, techniques and behaviors for others to learn from
  • act as built-in mentors for your team while performing the role
  • take a hands-on approach to correcting emerging anti-patterns early

ICON's proven results with 1000+ clients have led our customers to become world class, product-centric organizations with increased ROI, NPS and time to market.

Our Partners include
At A Glance
Our Track Record
  • 30 Years of Experience
  • Network of 300+ SPCs with a minimum of 5 years SAFe experience and 10 years of Agile experience
  • 1000+ cumulative ARTs launched by ICON SAFe Coaches
  • Trained 19,500+ certified SAFe professionals
  • 4.5/5 average SAFe instructor rating

Our Values

Pursue Relentless Improvement

At ICON Agility Services, we pursue growth and learning. This means we strive to always stay on the cutting edge of our knowledge. It means we do not settle, we are never satisfied, and we are always hungry to learn more. It means we train our people to develop their skills and SAFe certify their abilities because we believe that preparation creates the highest-caliber employees. It means that we curate our company culture to be one of personal growth, company growth, and continuous learning on every level.

We are committed to using our knowledge to accelerate yours, and that's because we know it results in the best learning experience and outcomes for our clients. We are always striving to be elite, but we are human. We are not ashamed of this. We reach for new limits by fortifying our agile expertise with additional certifications, and we improve relentlessly.

Pursue Growth & Learning

  • We're Always Aiming To Be Better Than Yesterday
  • If We Don't Know The Answer, We Learn It
  • We Strive To Continuously Learn And Adapt
  • As A High-Caliber Team, We Reach For New Limits
Pursue Relentless Improvement

Do What It Takes

At ICON, we do what it takes to get the job done. This means we aim to exceed expectations. It means we strive to impress each other and our clients with hard work. It means we go the extra mile. We take pride in separating ourselves from other consultants in this way. Even when all odds are stacked against us, we show up, make the most of our resources, and deliver excellence.

We always answer the challenge. It often means arriving early, staying late, and getting the job done right the first time. It means understanding what we do is important to us, our clients, and that our clients come to us in their time of need; knowing we will be there for them.

Do What It Takes

  • Aim To Exceed Expectations And Impress
  • Always Answer The Challenge
  • Do What It Takes To Deliver Excellence
  • Make The Most Of Our Resources
Do What It Takes

Integrity & Trust

At ICON Agility Services, we expect that our high-caliber team will operate independently to a certain degree, but we are a company that is in constant communication. This means putting ourselves in a position to be available via video chat, email, or phone call. It means creating an environment of accessibility and availability.

We thrive on personal and company victories, and we go to extraordinary lengths to support each other, our clients, and our partners to achieve a win for all. This means being there when others need help or a second opinion. It means stretching your limits, dropping what you're doing, and providing support when it matters most. It means understanding that we are part of something larger than ourselves.

Integrity & Trust

  • Constant Communication, Always Available
  • Celebrate Personal And Company Victories
  • Go To Extraordinary Lengths To Support Each Other, Clients, And Partners
  • Know You Are Part Of Something Larger Than Yourself
Integrity & Trust

Value Focused Delivery

The bottom line is that, at ICON, we figure things out. Our coaches and consultants are an exceptional, high-caliber team that solves the most complex enterprise-level challenges and significantly improves our clients' businesses with agility services. Our team maintains a big- picture perspective on business reasons for implementing lean-agile practices. This means we include business leaders in the process.

It means we deliver value in the form of tangible and lasting business transformations. It means launching continuous improvement projects to ensure agile business needs. It means we apply best practices because it truly is the best. Take our service roadmap, an approach developed by ICON that works by allowing clients to enter the agile transformation process from wherever they are in their agile journey; that greatly improves overall business efficiency and success. To solve real issues for our clients, we answer the challenge.

Value Focused Delivery

  • Solve Complex Enterprise - Level Challenges
  • Work Directly With Business Leaders To Deliver Valuable, Tangible, And Lasting Change
  • Apply Best Practices Because They Are Truly The Best
  • Challenge Each Other To Continuously Improve
Value Focused Delivery

Next Steps in Your SAFe® / Agile Journey

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Meet Our Coaches

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Plan Your Next Steps & Gain Leadership Buy-in

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