The Synergistic Nature of PI Objectives
by Charlene M. Cuenca


Presented at the SAFe Summit in Washington, DC on Oct. 4, 2018

In line with the SAFe Core Values, PI Objectives create a synergistic effect between business and IT, resulting in alignment, transparency, and efficient program execution. This synergy manifests itself during the PI Planning event and continues throughout the PI Cycle as value delivered is demonstarted to the business incrementally. It has the ancillary benefit of increasing the quality of backlog items socialized to teams as part of PI Planning readiness. Check out the presentation and gain an appreciation for how Business Value Scoring provides evidence on the amount of synergy acheived.


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Learning Objectives and Key Takeaways

  • How PI Objectives connect the dots between effective PI Planning preparation, the PI Event, and PI Execution
  • How PI Objectives shift focus from output (Feature/Story completion) to outcomes (Value delivery)
  • How PI Objectives foster consistent, on-going alignment between Business and IT


Want to read more about how to acheive successful program execution? Check out Charlene's article for the SAFe Blog, Enterprise Backlog Structure and Management, where she illustrates how to connect every level of SAFe to enable 'Continuous Program Increment (PI) Readiness.' The image below summarizes the backlog structure, primary roles responsible, and duration and scope of various backlog items.

Charlene M. Cuenca, ICON Transformation Coach and SPCT
Charlene M. Cuenca, ICON Transformation Coach and SPCT