How to Estimate Big Rocks with Less Time and More Accuracy
by Scott Green


With over 15 years of Agile development practices, Scott understands why project management is failing the enterprise. Padding budgets, gathering resources, delays and constraints; implementing written requirements cannot be the way forward. Scott was part of the earliest Agile practices at Borland and saw the results that a high-functioning team can deliver. Expanding into Lean-Agile with hardware systems and component development, Scott has proven that Agile is truly a better way to operate in both hardware and software. As an experienced SAFe Program Consultant, he coaches leaders on Agile Transformation in the Enterprise. 

The following slideshow was first presented by Scott at the 2017 SAFe Summit in San Antonio, where he demonstrated how to learn and improve estimation inside the Scaled Agile Framework to better predict outcomes. This presentation uses the example of company-wide T-shirt sizing to lay out this time-saving and more accurate estimation technique. 

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Scott Green, ICON Transformation Coach
Scott Green, ICON Transformation Coach