Supporting Small Businesses in St. Louis

ICON places a high value on supporting the people around us, including our customers, coaches, partners,—and our local community! Our home office in St. Louis partners with Habitat For Neighborhood Business (HNB) a non-profit organization that helps restore economic vitality to under- served neighborhoods through mentoring, networking and education for existing and aspiring minority entrepreneurs. As a supporter, we provide these entrepreneurs with pro bono web strategy, content creation, design, and hosting services.

HNB Team.

Our Partners and Projects

Diversity Gallery

Founded by Leslie Christian-Wilson, Diversity Gallery is a place for natural beauty, hair care, art, and jewelry. A St. Louis cultural institution since 2000, Diversity Gallery offers something for everyone.

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Create Community LLC

Through Create Community LLC, Felicia Pulliam inspires others to expand their personal and social perspectives. With 20+ years of civic engagement, Felicia is a powerful keynote speaker and change agent.

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KDZ Demolition & Construction

KDZ Demolition & Construction has served St. Louis since 2014, performing small to medium-sized projects. Founded by Katina Wynn, KDZ prides itself on delivering the safest, highest quality solutions.

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God First Greatness Follows

God First is a clothing and design company by DeAndre Davenport, a St. Louis community leader and advocate for the homeless. He hopes to inspire people to pay it forward and share the gifts that God has given them.

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Children Are Unique Academy

Children Are Unique Academy is a St. Louis Childcare Center founded in 2017 by Annette Smoote and Sherri Cole. In this community, caregivers and families work together to nurture happy, healthy, and bright children.

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Joe-Jo's Fish & Chicken

Owned and operated by Byron Hayes and Velicia Johnson, Joe-Jo's Fish & Chicken is a St. Louis restaurant specializing in delicious golden-fried fish, chicken, shrimp, and tripe, as well as grilled fish and homemade desserts.

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Purposed Productions

Founded Jana M. Gamble, Purposed Productions creates riveting stories for film and television that speak to a cross-cultural audience. Their vision is to provoke positive internal and societal change.

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Travel Angel Planner

Angelina Reese is the Travel Angel Planner, offering complete personalized travel planning services within your budget. She works closely with her clients to plan their perfect getaways.

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Nurse Necessities

Nurse Necessities is a store in St. Louis that provides fashionable clothing and accessories to nurses. Founded in 2018 by Chimere Marshall, this store offers a wide variety of brands and styles.

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Fleur de Lis Development Corporation

Fleur de Lis Development Corporation, was founded by Laura M. Hughes as a beacon of transformation and revitalization for the St. Louis community. It aims to resurrect and transform distressed property.

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Cardinal Home Health Care

Cardinal Home Health Care was founded in 2015 by Dorise Robinson to empower the elderly to regain control of their health. She and her staff are driven to provide the highest quality healthcare services.

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Our Love CDS

Our Love CDS provides professional homecare services with a personal "Unconditional Love" touch. Founded in 2016 by Melissa Stevenson, Our Love enriches the lives of clients and their families by helping to eliminate stress.

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The Mary Ann Show

The Mary Ann Show aims to inform the St. Louis community of current events and raise awareness. Created by and starring Mary Ann Hamilton, this television show's mission is to address the needs of others by doing surveys on social issues.

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Get Involved with Habitat for Neighborhood Business

Want to make a difference within the St. Louis community? If you are interested in helping minority entrepreneurs realize their dreams, then consider learning more about HNB and how you can help. In addition to volunteer activities, HNB offers a variety of donation programs for you to support, including a matching grant program and a fair lending fund. They take responsibility for good stewardship of the funds you provide on behalf of the entrepreneurs.

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