Enable Business Agility Beyond Technology

The Enterprise Business Agility (EBA) Model is organized around seven pillars that describe key competencies needed for an organization to thrive in today's competitive market. Developed by Agility Transformation Inc. (ATI) and endorsed by the Business Agility Institute, this innovative model holds the keys to success for companies struggling to gain market share and who want to remain relevant in today's marketplace.

ICON is ATI's first and largest strategic delivery partner to bring the EBA model to companies that hold a higher vision of themselves and want to be THE leader in their industry. By helping you focus on business outcomes (not outputs) and aligning Business with Technology, EBA enables entire enterprises to embrace an entrepreneurial mindset that can deliver faster and with more innovation. With experience at all levels of the organization, ICON's cross-functional coaching teams help companies understand their business challenges, develop a business alignment strategy, and then successfully implement the strategy.

The EBA Transformation Journey
Enterprise Business Agility Model

The ICON Approach

Assess EBA Health

What is blocking you from executing on your company's business strategy? Is it...

  • The hierarchical way you're organized?
  • The way your portfolios are managed?
  • Leadership not grasping the new ways of working?
  • Not understanding what your customers are asking for?
  • Not being able to attract or retain the right talent?
  • A combination of some or all of the above?

Solutions to these and other organizational challenges are addressed by the EBA Model using health radars, which measure and optimize the health of your organization.

EBA Workshops

Enterprise Business Agility Seminar

This seminar explains the elements needed for designing successful business agility transformations where Lean/Agile goes beyond IT. Discover how top business challenges are addressed by EBA’s seven pillars.

Enterprise Business Agility Strategy Workshop

Help your leaders build their vision, success measures, and roadmap to enable enterprise-level transformation. Gain concrete solutions and participate in activities tailored to your specific transformation challenges. Spend time exploring the seven pillars of the EBA Model, developing the knowledge necessary to lead a transformation within each pillar.

EBA Coaching

ICON has established a highly regarded reputation for bringing seasoned Lean-Agile Transformation Coaches to our clients to help them face and overcome some of the most challenging issues. All of our EBA consultants are certified in multiple areas of concern and are also expert communicators, offering the maturity needed to achieve a successful Business Agility Transformation.

Are you ready to start embracing the mindset of a technology company? ICON can help you create an environment where all your different business functions are aligned and operating on the same cadence. Realize the benefits by delivering high quality products to your customers frequently and with the shortest possible sustainable lead-time. Contact us today for a Free 45-minute consultation with an experienced EBA consultant.

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EBA Health Radar
The EBA Health Radar helps companies assess how well they are performing in the following areas: Lean Portfolio Management, Organizational Structure & Design, Agile Framework, Leadership & Culture, Make It Stick, Technology Agility, Agility Metrics, and Customer Seat at the Table.