Connect strategy to the most valueable work.

As a complement to OKRs Implementation and Lean-Agile coaching, we leverage the Business Value Delivery Model by Scaled OKRs®, which uses OKRs to enable an explicit relationship between organizational strategy and the work being done to deliver that strategy.

Below is an example of how OKRs fit into the Business Value Delivery Model.

The Business Value Delivery Model

The Business Value Delivery Model

This Business Value Delivery Model was designed to measure the business value of the work being done.

The left side represents the expression of strategy with company-level OKRs, strategic outcomes, product-level OKRs, and solution outcomes. There is an integration of strategy, how the strategy is expressed, and what to accomplish.

The right side represents is the implementation and validation of hypothesis-driven value delivery. Tactical products are built to reach the key result, and then they are evaluated for performance. Are the key results being reached?

Ultimately, it's important to measure the value of the work being done so that you can quantify business value delivered and enable your organization to make value-informed decisions. ICON can help you effectively and directly connect strategy to execution.

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