How We Help: The DevOps Transformation Roadmap

ICON Coaches and Trainers help guide your DevOps Transformation journey, partnering with you on your terms. While following the roadmap delivers the most optimal results, you can determine which transformation areas are most useful based on allocated budget and greatest need. We always recommend starting with an assessment!

Interested in automation? Check out our DevOps Test Automation Solutions!
DevOps Transformation Roadmap


Our DevOps experts uncover specific pain points and assist in developing a customized roadmap to guide the DevOps journey.

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Private Training

We offer a variety of 2-3 day DevOps workshops, including SAFe DevOps, ATDD, TDD, BDD, and DevOps Discovery and Solutions Workshops.

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Our DevOps coaches integrate the skills and competencies needed for companies to build sustainable DevOps practice.

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ICON offers 3 DevOps Test Automation Solutions with testing automation provider Parasoft: Development Testing, Functional Testing, and Service Virtualization.

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Our DevOps Coaching Roles

These coaches cover a wide range of DevOps experience with competencies in Software Development, IT Operations, and Service Delivery. They are knowledgeable trainers and coaches who can respond and adjust to your unique needs. Practicing SAFe? Many of our DevOps coaches are also top-tier SPCTs and SPCs, helping you integrate DevOps seamlessly into your SAFe Transformation.

DevOps Transformation Coach
DevOps Transformation Coach
Demonstrated experience in advanced DevOps Solutions.
SAFe DevOps Senior Coach
SAFe DevOps Senior Coach
Experienced leader and coach in large SAFe DevOps projects.
DevOps Technical Team Coach
DevOps Technical Team Coach
Experienced in Continuous Integration, TDD, and other technical practices.

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