DevOps in SAFe®

Extend the Value Stream from "Concept to Code" to "Concept to Cash"

DevOps is a mindset, a culture, and a set of technical practices. It provides communication, integration, automation, and close cooperation among all the people needed to plan, develop, test, deploy, release and maintain a Solution. ICON helps companies scale and improve their DevOps Delivery and Deployment Pipeline along Agile and Lean practices. By improving the complete flow of value through a Continuous Delivery Pipeline from idea to operational solution, our clients experience significantly improved organizational alignment, product quality, delivery velocity, and business value.

Public Training Options

Currently, we are offering SAFe® DevOps public training courses in multiple locations nationwide. Taught by some of the most experienced SAFe® practitioners in our industry today, this class teaches participants how to go from Concept to Cash more efficiently using systems thinking.

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Onsite SAFe® DevOps Services

Are you are interested in SAFe® DevOps for your organization? ICON offers assessments, workshops, training, and coaching. Our engaging, industry-aligned DevOps techniques are designed to scale DevOps and Lean-Agile to Operations teams. Want to know more? Talk to us! We can help you find exactly what you're looking for.

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