ICON is the leading SAFe Gold SPCT Partner.

Why is a SAFe Gold SPCT Partner essential for your Transformation?

  • Demonstrated ability to lead organizations through SAFe adoptions and implementations
  • Expertise in all 7 Business Agility Competencies in SAFe 5.0
  • Certified to teach the entire SAFe curriculum
  • Critical experience for Large Solutions between 50 and thousands of people
  • Access to Certified SAFe Program Consultant Trainers (SPCTs), the leading thinkers and teachers within SAFe

Why ICON for your SAFe Transformation?

  • First ever SAFe Gold partner in 2012
  • Leading Transformation partner on the Scaled Agile website
  • Led large SAFe Implementations for over 85 companies
  • Proven ability to facilitate culture change in large organizations
  • 5 SPCTs, including 2 SAFe Fellows
  • SPCTs knowledge score of 4.8 out of 5 according to SAFe evaluations
  • Trained 8,000+ students in SAFe
  • Contributors to SAFe, including co-authors of SAFe DevOps
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Our Experts in Lean-Agile Transformations

ICON is proud to have the highest number of individuals who have demonstrated superior competency, initiative, and in-depth field experience in SAFe. These SAFe Program Consultant Trainers (SPCTs) and SAFe Fellows are leaders in Business Agility Transformations around the globe. They bring their real-world experiences to your engagement, imparting their knowledge to lead and inspire your Lean-Agile Change Agents.

"As is the case with any certification, you should carefully evaluate SAFe instructors and consultants, and make sure that they have demonstrated experience that is relevant to the role you are asking them to take on. Do not rely on certifications alone as a measure of the skills of a consultant or prospective employee. A notable exception to this is the SAFe Program Consultant Trainer (SPCT) certification, which does require demonstrated experience with agile, software development or product management, training and consulting. If you’re hiring someone who has [an] SPCT certification, you can be confident that they do have experience in these areas, as well as experience with SAFe implementation at multiple organizations. However, SPCTs are in short supply. As of February 2020, there are fewer than 100 people worldwide holding this certification."

Gartner, "A Technical Professional’s Guide to Successful Adoption of the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe)," Kevin Matheny, Bill Holz, 13 April 2020
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Our SPCT Team

Charlene M. Cuenca
Charlene M. Cuenca
SAFe Fellow, SPCT, SAFe Contributor
Kathy Marshak
Kathy Marshak
SAFe Fellow, SPCT, IC Agile certified EBA Trainer

Public SAFe 5.0 Courses

Currently, we are offering Implementing SAFe and SAFe Lean Portfolio Management (LPM) in multiple locations nationwide taught by some of the most experienced SAFe practitioners in our industry today.

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Interested in a Lean-Agile or SAFe Assessment? ICON uncovers specific pain points and offers a unique, customized solution that best fits the needs and Agile maturity of your organization.

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SAFe Transformations are no easy feat! To help you on the journey, ICON offers free guidance and important considerations for your SAFe Transformation.

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SAFe on the ICON Blog

ICON coaches offer their SAFe expertise and free tools to help with your Transformation.

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Free ICON Maturity Assessment Tool for your SAFe Transformation
Free ICON Maturity Assessment Tool for your SAFe Transformation
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