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ICON understands that planning for a transformation alone might be intimidating. We offer a unique set of Planning and Budgeting Services to prepare for your transition and set you up to succeed from the start.

Assessments & Recommendations
Learn more about your organization's current state of Agility.

With the successful review of your company's processes, tools, and budget, our assessments will provide the essential recommendations and next steps needed to improve performance.

Why: When moving toward an Agile organization, it is crucial to evaluate your current state. Our transformation coaches will look at projects, team practices, and company culture. As a result of the assessment, you will receive a readout for leadership and a set of recommendations to solve unique challenges and identify all areas for improvement.

Key Outcomes:

  • Gathers diverse input from people affected by proposed changes
  • Pinpoints challenges & areas of improvement
  • Reveals many cultural factors within the organization
  • Creates baseline metrics & qualitative results

Build Your Roadmap
Create your unique transformation journey.

Upon completion of the initial evaluation, our coaches will partner with you to build out your transformation roadmap unique to your organization. This roadmap may include specific training, workshops, and coaching support.

Why: It's impossible to reach your goals without a plan. Let our coaches help you build your road to success by laying out where, how, and when to implement your recommended improvements and next steps to create a more agile organization.

Key Outcomes:

  • Defines the steps to begin the transformation unique to your company
  • Clarity on which activities will help solve the challenges and improvement areas found within the assessment
  • Provides an estimated proposal of training and coaching support for pilot projects and agile adoption

Budgeting & Planning
Prioritize your money, time, and efforts.

With some initial consultation, our coaches will help manage your current and future budget. We will look at priorities and needs relative to the budget and plan the roadmap accordingly.

Why: It's critical to prioritize the most important activities to allow for the most progress. Our coaches will work with you to define the most impactful initiatives to tackle while aligning with the current time and budget.

Key Outcomes:

  • Helps prioritize the high priority initiatives to stay within time and budget
  • Supports decisions on most useful outside resources to establish the most progress
  • Identifies long term budget needed to execute desired outcomes
  • Eliminate less valuable needs to save on time and effort

Next Steps in Your SAFe® / Agile Journey

Review our additional guidance, training, and resources for your transformation from ICON experts.

Improve The Way You Work
Improve The Way You Work

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Learn Planning Tips From Our Experts

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