The ICON Advantage: We Love To Coach.

Since 1992, ICON has cultivated a network of experienced corporate coaches to support some of the world's largest brands in their Agile Transformations. Specializing in SAFe, DevOps, and Enterprise Business Agility, ICON coaches have a reputation for showing heart and passion in their work, rolling up their sleeves to help our clients in collaborative partnership. They act as mentors, guiding leadership and teams at all levels to implement best practices and quickly adapt to changing market conditions. By ensuring that our clients fully understand, contribute to, and own their transformations, our coaches leave companies to sustain and succeed on their own.

Our Client Partnership Model

No two clients are identical, which is why ICON adjusts to your unique transformation needs. We offer four levels of partnership to support our clients in their SAFe, DevOps, or Enterprise Business Agility Transformation.

Our Partnership Model
Exploration Partner

ICON coaches help you establish a baseline and assess organizational readiness for an Enterprise Agile Transformation. We offer SAFe, DevOps, and Enterprise Business Agility Assessments.

Strategy Partner

ICON coaches work with executive leaders to set Objectives and Key Results (OKRs), determine the transformation strategy that best suits your goals, establish an Enterprise Agile Transformation Roadmap, and solicit feedback and buy-in from all levels of your organization.

Transformation Partner

ICON supports your transformation with a team of coaches who operate at your site(s). They develop members of your Transformation Team, build internal coaching capacity to ensure your efforts are sustained long-term, inform and solicit leaders at all levels of the organization, create custom content and training to foster learning and improvement, and update your Transformation Roadmap and OKRs.

Implementation Partner

ICON supports your employee-led transformation by providing experienced, reputable Implementation Coaches operating as members of your team at your site(s). Our goal is to ensure that our clients fully understand, contribute to, and own their transformations, and feel confident to sustain and succeed on their own.

We work together to identify training and coaching needs, and determine the timing of our transition to each Partnership state.

Creating a Culture of Sustainable Leadership

ICON's goal is to empower and improve our clients' own internal Agile coaching organization. By pairing experienced ICON coaches with your internal leaders and champions in our Train the Trainer & Coach the Coach program, your organization will become more proficient, confident, and effective in all Agile capabilities and practices.

Ready to create a sustainable Agile culture in your organization? Our experienced Enterprise Agile Transformation coaches can help you set the tone.

Contact Us

Do you have a SAFe, DevOps, or Business Agility question and want a quick answer from an experienced coach? We want to help you! Email or tweet @AskTheIconCoach.