Coaching Roles & Responsibilities
for the Scaled Agile Framework

All Icon coaches have significant experience, qualifications, and certifications. Coaching certifications sometimes vary with the group they will work with, technical backgrounds, and level of experience. Please see below for a listing of qualifications. Many coaches have multiple certifications. Please contact us for details.

SAFe Transformation Coaching Experience

  1. Demonstrated experience in designing agile transformation solutions matched to multiple unique customer situations.
  2. Recognized for business acumen, well-practiced consulting skills, and ability to sustain high level customer relationships.
  3. Solid experience in successful implementation of organization and behavioral change.
  4. On the path to or Certified as a SAFe Program Consultant Trainer (SPCT).
  5. Expertise in coaching the Teams, Scrum Master and Product Owners in their new responsibilities
  6. Expertise in coaching the Middle Managers in their new responsibilities
  7. Expertise in coaching Product Managers in their new responsibilities
  8. Expertise in planning and running Inspect and Adapt Workshops
  9. Expertise in conducting a Roadmap Workshop to further flush out the Roadmap for improvement where additional Organizational Slices are identified
  10. Expertise in developing a vision and roadmap for modifying Agile adoption to include strong metrics and reporting systems, including aligning the metrics and reporting to assure a Continuous Improvement approach
  11. Ability to develop usable metrics
    1. To track transition progress, and improvement of estimation
    2. Ongoing metrics for management and executives
  12. Expertise in developing and providing training, as workshops, of the Continuous Improvement strategy
  13. Ability to provide coaching at the Portfolio, Program, and Team levels for Continuous Improvement
    1. Agile Program Management
    2. Agile Release Trains and Agile Release Planning
    3. Agile team practices and Agile engineering practices, to build high performance teams
  14. Ability to provide support and education for improving estimates during Agile Release Planning
  15. Expertise in developing a sustainable Agile Center of Excellence and internal Agile Community

SAFe Transformation Coach

  1. Develop a strong partnering relationship with customer to collaboratively develop, implement and adapt the plan for Agile and SAFe transformation
  2. Discover, review, understand and evaluate the current customer software and product development process
  3. Review Results of the readiness assessment, including observations, interviews, and workshops, report and recommendations, related to an agile and SAFe transformation and provide further feedback.
  4. Address process, structure, people and metric/reward factors associated with organizational change
  5. Facilitate, co-develop, and execute an Agile Transformation Plan with success criteria and corresponding metrics
  6. Establish and facilitate a communication strategy and plan to support and reinforce the transformation and enable cross team collaboration
  7. Plan and execute change management activities, integrating them with all other plans
  8. Provide expertise in team and organizational development, support for change and act as a change catalyst for Agile and SAFe practices
  9. Assess agile practices in customer product development environment, including people, roles, processes, tools and technology
  10. Evaluate the existing general approach and influences related to software methodologies, and current capacity to adopt, and support agile
  11. Develop policies and procedures for integrating agile principles and practices into existing and future state customer processes for governance, planning, budgeting, portfolio management, regulatory and audit compliance
  12. Develop a common understanding of agile and lean principles with the Leadership team to articulate a vision and roadmap for transformation
  13. Schedule customer Leadership team meetings for regular feedback and steering
  14. Guide the customer Leadership team in mastering agile principles and practices, identifying the organizational and cultural changes to effectively lead the transformation
  15. Work with client to staff an "Agile Working Group" or "Agile Center of Excellence (COE)"

SAFe Portfolio Coach

  1. Guide and co-author a Transformation Plan with Senior Leadership.
  2. Work with the TLT and senior internal coaches to build a Lean Culture leadership and planning "bridge" between the Business functions and solution delivery teams.
  3. Consult with the senior leadership team (SLT) to ensure that the key benefits of scaled agile delivery are well understood and continuously communicated to transforming teams via an enterprise communication plan (co-prescribed and co-authored by the coach).
  4. Support implementation of the business strategy through programs that develop and maintain the company's value-added products and services. Value steams are identified, fostered, monitored, and continuously improved. Investment funding is allocated to ongoing programs and new initiatives in accordance with business strategy and current strategic themes.
  5. Assist with the reinforcement and anchoring of Lean/Agile values into the company culture.
  6. Work with/through the TLT to gain SLT support on common constraints in organizational inertia.
  7. Provide portfolio context and Life-Cycle Governance.

SAFe Program Coach

  1. Support organizational assessment
  2. Conduct a roadmap workshop to further flush out the roadmap for improvement where additional organizational slices are identified
  3. Develop a vision and roadmap for modifying Agile adoption to include strong metrics and reporting systems, including aligning the metrics and reporting to assure a continuous improvement approach.
  4. Coach senior and middle managers in their new responsibilities
  5. Coach Product Managers in their new responsibilities
  6. Coach Release Train Engineers in their new responsibilities
  7. Coach Agile teams, Scrum Masters and Product Owners in their new responsibilities
  8. Conduct regular Inspect and Adapt Workshops to discover improvement opportunities
  9. Develop and help collect usable metrics for management and executives
  10. Provide support and education for improving estimates during PI Planning
  11. Develop a sustainable Agile CoE, Agile working groups, and internal Agile community
  12. Identify and coach internal champions to remove reliance on external coaches

SAFe Team Coach

  1. Serves as a coach for Agile and SAFe teams
  2. Creates culture of self-organization, where learning and innovation can flourish
  3. Removes impediments within the teams control and escalates those outside of the teams control
  4. Protects the team from outside sources of disruption
  5. Coaches the team on effective ceremony execution (Standups, estimation, backlog refinement, demonstrations, and retrospectives). May facilitate these activities early in the engagement
  6. Ensures team's progress/success and measures are highly visible to stakeholders and the team (backlogs, burndown charts, release details etc.)
  7. Supports the product owner with the communication of updates and impediments as well as with backlog maintenance
  8. Improves team's engineering practices by encouraging TDD, pair programming, test automation, continuous integration, collective ownership
  9. Ensures team adheres to the Client's agile process and working agreements regarding cadence, tool usage and a variety of procedures that must be synchronized to be effective
  10. Assists key business users (product owners) with backlog creation and refinement

DevOps Coaching of Roles & Skills

Goal Continuous Integration Continuous Delivery Continuous Deployment Continuous Value
Roles Developer
Tester (Functional)
Build Engineer
Database Developer
Architect (Technical)
Tester (End to End)
Tester (Performance)
Configuration Manager
System Administrator
Release Engineer
Production Support
System Engineer
Network Engineer
Security Engineer
Operations Engineer
Skills Trunk-Based Development
API-Driven Development
Code Review
Environment Config
Build Automation
Continuous Integration
Test Driven Development
Test Automation
Service Virtualization
Mocking / Stubbing
Feature Toggles
Application Telemetry
Cyber Security
Version Control
Test Automation
End to End Testing
Environment Config
Test Data Mgmt
Version Control
Automated Provisioning
Environment Config
Automated Deployment
Selective Deployment
Blue/Green Deployment
Automated Rollback
Version Control
Monitoring (Full Stack)
Incident Management
Problem Management
Disaster Recovery

SAFe DevOps Program/Portfolio Coach

  1. Experience in leadership and coaching, in large, Scaled Agile DevOps projects.
  2. Experience leading release management and operations integration within development and testing lifecycle.
  3. Identify enterprise security and compliance policies to ensure they are appropriately addressed in DevOps strategy.
  4. Locate and asses specific root causes of delivery pain, establish baseline metrics, and create an action plan to deliver measurable DevOps improvements.
  5. Align DevOps goals with strategic business objectives, establish measurable performance goals and define the highest-value, shortest-lead-time path to success.
  6. Align Leaders, Development and Operations on principles of continuous delivery and prepare them to execute the DevOps action plan within a SAFe context.
  7. Guide the development of a DevOps culture, through targeted people, process and technology improvements and to maximize value delivered by SAFe initiatives.
  8. Advise on various application and infrastructure hosting models, including cloud, on premise and hybrid and architect delivery pipelines that best enable clients' delivery and operational objectives.
  9. Facilitate and support the mindset, culture and set of technical practices that foster communication, collaboration, and cooperation among all Enterprise, Program and Team members needed to develop, test, deploy and maintain a solution.
  10. Advise on the membership of SAFe Systems team(s) and Release Management. Coach these people on their new responsibilities.
  11. Coach people at the Portfolio and Program levels in the Build, Test, Transition, and Release roles and skills.

SAFe DevOps Team Coach

  1. Experienced in configuration management, continuous integration, test-driven development, deployment, DevOps, and related technical practices.
  2. Coach Agile Release Train (ARTs) teams to adopt and enable continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) practices throughout SAFe Program Increments for the purpose of realizing more frequent, higher quality system demos and releases.
  3. Provide training and hands-on workshops in Pair Programming, BDD, TDD, CI/CD, test automation and related technical practices.
  4. Work with SAFe Systems Teams and other Dev, QA and Ops personnel to integrate software assets from the teams, perform end to end testing, assist with deployment, and facilitate frequent System Demos.
  5. Work with Dev, QA and Ops teams to modernize the DevOps tool chain, extract maximum value from existing tools and install, configure and optimize best of breed tools.
  6. Define appropriate DevOps performance metrics, establish relevant telemetry and reporting throughout the delivery pipeline and leverage captured data for continuous improvement.
  7. Coach people at the team levels in the Build and Test, roles and skills.