Identify Priorities for Improvement

ICON strengthens your ability to deliver business outcomes by assessing your current DevOps health and goals. Using a mix of interviews, observations, and workshops, our DevOps experts uncover specific pain points and areas for improvement. We assist in developing a customized roadmap and timeline to guide your DevOps Journey.

Problems To Solve

Overview of Events

ICON's entry point into an organization starts with a 2-3 week assessment organized in the following way:

Week 1

ICON begins with online Agile and DevOps Surveys, offering self-assessment questions to a mix of business, IT and Operations teams.

Week 2

DevOps experts conduct on-site interviews & Gemba Walks with full range of personnel and review current work items, processes, and tools.

Week 3

DevOps experts conduct a Discovery & Solution Workshop, a Leadership Strategy Session, and a Presentation Readout.

How does ICON measure your DevOps Health?

ICON uses a DevOps Health Radar to help delivery programs and teams gain visibility into their current DevOps maturity and find areas for growth. We use the results to help you develop a concrete growth plan.

Results of the DevOps Health Radar:
  • Gauge high-level DevOps maturity against industry benchmarks
  • Spot major areas of concern
  • Target specific areas for deeper analysis

What happens to the results?

ICON experts seek to understand your pain points before offering a unique solution. We meet our customers where they are, and the DevOps Health Radar is an exceptional tool that highlights their needs. We use this tool to engage in our DevOps Discovery and Solution Workshops (2 days), which help key stakeholders and subject matter experts identify specific challenges and high priority work. This enables the creation of a DevOps Roadmap for an improved Software Delivery Pipeline.

Results of the Discovery and Solution Workshops:
  • Analyze data to identify systemic challenges, pain points, strengths, and weaknesses
  • Define opportunities for improvement
  • Create Value Target assessment report
  • Gather input to Transformation Roadmap

A Path to Alignment: The DevOps Transformation Roadmap

ICON helps you put all the pieces together in a Leadership Strategy Session, which is crucial to building a go-forward DevOps Transformation strategy. After reviewing the assessment results and the Discovery & Solution Workshop results, we ensure that company leaders are aligned on DevOps concepts and terminology, discuss delivery challenges and opportunities, and define a shared vision and strategy for the initial wave of the DevOps Transformation.

This map represents ICON's long-term DevOps Transformation strategy. We customize each Roadmap to ensure we are addressing our clients' specific challenges. Whatever your needs are, ICON will partner with you on your terms, traveling alongside in the transformation journey every step of the way. Contact us today to learn more about a DevOps Assessment for your organization.

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