Extend the Value Stream to "Concept to Cash"

As co-authors and contributors to the SAFe® DevOps curriculum, ICON uses Lean-Agile practices to help companies scale and improve their DevOps Delivery and Deployment Pipelines. Our premier DevOps Instructors and Coaches specialize in facilitating hands-on Value Stream Mapping exercises, allowing companies to discover the health of their Delivery and Deployment Pipelines while identifying specific challenges. By improving and clarifying the complete flow of value from idea to operational solution, our clients experience significantly improved organizational alignment, product quality, delivery velocity, and business value.

SAFe® DevOps training, assessments, and coaching often expose the need to better refine and scale a company's Agile practices at all levels, and the best pathway for scaling is SAFe®. For organizations already using SAFe® but not focusing on DevOps, the desire for alignment, quality, and improved time-to-market will expose the need for a DevOps Transformation. Thus, DevOps naturally leads to SAFe®, and SAFe® naturally leads to DevOps.

DevOps in SAFe®
Attendees collaborating on a Value Stream Mapping exercise during an ICON SAFe® DevOps class.
The CALMR Approach

The CALMR Approach improves collaboration across the value stream.

Culture - Establish a culture of shared responsibility for development, deployment, and operations.

Automation - Automate the continuous delivery pipeline.

Lean - Keep batch sizes small, limit WIP, and provide extreme visibility.

Measurement - Measure the flow through the pipeline. Implement application telemetry.

Recovery - Architect and enable low risk releases. Establish fast recovery, fast reversion, and fast fix-forward.

Public Training Options

We offer SAFe® DevOps public training courses in multiple locations nationwide. As co-authors and contributors to the SAFe® DevOps curriculum, our ICON coaches offer students their deep expertise.

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DevOps Assessments

Communication challenges and competing priorities between software developers, testers, and operations personnel can create inefficiencies in your software delivery pipeline. ICON specializes in assessing the health of your DevOps culture and then offering practical guidance in developing strategic DevOps transformation and adoption plans, along with training and coaching to improve performance, innovation, and technology. ICON uses an Online Maturity Survey, the DevOps Health Radar, and a Strategic Roadmap to provide qualitative and directionally accurate views on how to optimize the Continuous Delivery Pipeline.

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DevOps Coaching

ICON Coaches address the people, process and technology aspects of every DevOps initiative. They coach people to build cross-functional DevOps skills and culture, streamline processes to enable continuous value flow, and design tooling that delivers Continuous Integration (CI), Continuous Deployment (CD), Continuous Testing, Continuous Monitoring, Infrastructure as Code, Security as Code and Compliance Automation capabilities.

ICON Coaches help build a sustainable Agile and DevOps Center of Excellence (CoE). They facilitate and support the mindset, culture and set of technical practices that foster communication, collaboration, and cooperation among all Enterprise, Program and Team members needed to develop, test, deploy and maintain a solution. They provide training and hands-on workshops in Pair Programming, BDD, TDD, CI/CD, test automation and related technical practices.

ICON Coaches work with SAFe Systems Teams and other Dev, QA and Ops personnel to integrate software assets from the teams, perform end to end testing, assist with deployment, and facilitate frequent System Demos.

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