A Path to Alignment, Stability, and Confidence

ICON's DevOps Roadmap offers a holistic approach to a complete and comprehensive DevOps Transformation. While undergoing the entire journey delivers the most optimal results, companies determine what services are most useful based on allocated budgets and greatest needs. We partner with clients on their terms, traveling alongside them every step of the way.

Ready to begin your DevOps journey? Start with an ICON DevOps Assessment.

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DevOps Transformation Roadmap


Our DevOps experts uncover specific pain points and assist in developing a customized roadmap to guide the DevOps journey.

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Public Training

As co-authors and contributors to the 2-day SAFe® DevOps course, we offer open enrollment training across the nation.


Private Training

We offer a variety of 2-3 day DevOps workshops, including SAFe DevOps, ATDD, TDD, BDD, and DevOps Discovery and Solutions Workshops.

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ICON offers a complete DevOps solution with our partner Collabnet VersionOne. Based on our assessment, we can adjust your platform with minimal disruption.

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The CALMER Approach

We believe that a DevOps Transformation is inherently a cultural transformation. CALMER outlines the six capabilities needed to create a true DevOps organization.

Continuous Integration & Delivery

Integrate code early and often into a main repository and then deploy all code changes to a testing environment. Reduce integration costs, respond to defects early, and improve software quality.


Automate the software delivery process with the right tools, giving teams the confidence to deploy their code at any time without complex coordination or extensive manual testing.

Lean Flow

Use systems thinking to map the entire Value Stream, finding bottlenecks and visualizing WIP to increase transparency. Consider all relevant tasks and align business outcomes.

Measure Everything

Measure all real-time and past data on people, processes, and practices to meet DevOps objectives. By monitoring everything, teams gain the ability to respond to warning signals sooner.


Once your DevOps Recovery and Safety systems are in place, experiment and innovate. Make changes in production and see your results guilt-free and without consequence.

Recovery & Safety

Implement chaos engineering to foster a recovery-oriented culture when things go wrong. Have the safety that development can go into production and know they can withstand disruption.

Value Stream Management

As digital disruption continues, companies need the ability to react faster to customer demands. Value Stream Management (VSM) is a proven approach to rapid software planning and delivery, because it provides the visibility companies need to make rewarding and timely business decisions. Together with our tool partner CollabNet VersionOne, ICON enables business leaders across IT and Operations to look at the entire scope of their Software Development Pipeline, mapping value from development to deployment.

View our webinars below to learn more about how ICON and CollabNet VersionOne deliver meaningful value to our customers. Our subject experts discuss how VSM aligns your software delivery to your organization's strategic goals, ensuring your teams are focused on the most critical items for business success.