DevOps Service Offerings
Your Shortest Path to Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment

Turbo Charge Your Release Cycle

with our comprehensive DevOps Accelerator package. With dozens of tools to consider and software delivery practices to integrate, transitioning to DevOps can be overwhelming and expensive. We simplify the process and guide you from concept to value quickly using a proven, 3-step approach:

DevOps Success Planning

Define business drivers, success criteria and key performance indicators. Identify current state gaps and pain points. Define pipeline architecture, develop high confidence release plan and train team members.

DevOps Pipeline Implementation

Install, configure and integrate selected tools. Define system and process interfaces, standards and working agreements. Build dashboards and reporting mechanisms. Onboard select code lines and monitor pipeline throughput and quality.

DevOps Value Optimization

Measure DevOps pipeline performance against baselines and fine tune systems, processes and teams for optimum results. Communicate successes and add advanced capabilities as appropriate to maximize business benefits.

DevOps is a Game-Changer. Let Us Help You Transform Your:


  • Collaborative Teams
  • High Employee Satisfaction
  • High Customer Satisfaction
  • X-Functional Skillsets
  • Culture of Innovation
  • Reduced Firefighting


  • Fast Cycle Times
  • Frequent Deployment
  • High Throughput
  • Low Defect Rates
  • Improved Security
  • Fast Recovery
  • Continuous Flow


  • Continuous Integration (CI)
  • Continuous Deployment (CD)
  • Automated Testing
  • Build Dashboards
  • Service Virtualization
  • Auto Provisioning

"In order to create sustained high performance, organizations need to invest just as much in their people and processes as they do in their technology."

2016 State of DevOps Report

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DevOps is Essential to SAFe® Continuous Value Flow

Continuous Flow from Development Through Deployment

Continuous Value Flow consists of delivering usable and reliable solutions all the way to end users. To achieve the goal of rapid and continuous value delivery, the deployment process must be as agile as the development process.

Operations and Deployment Are Often the Bottleneck

Rapid software development provides no real value if the deployment process takes months. Operations practices designed for waterfall practices prolong value delivery, even when development teams are Agile. Development and Operations teams must be synchronized to achieve true Agile at scale.

"In most cases, development teams still deliver solutions to production in large batches…which adversely affects release commitments and delivered quality."

Scaled Agile, Inc.

"Value occurs only when the end users are successfully operating the solution in their environment"

Scaled Agile, Inc.

Icon Gets Operations "On the Train"

SAFe requires Dev and Ops to be tightly aligned. Otherwise, release trains cannot integrate, validate, and deploy solutions on cadence. Icon’s DevOps Accelerator helps you quickly get Operations on the train to ensure your value streams have a smooth path from development through deployment.

"In order for you to keep up with customer demand, you need to create a deployment pipeline. You need to get everything in version control. You need to automate the entire environment creation process. You need a deployment pipeline where you can create test and production environments, and then deploy code into them, entirely on demand.

Erik to Grasshopper, The Phoenix Project [2]