Essential SAFe ®

Scaled Agile Transformation Planning

- Generate Business Value with Minimal Process
- Simple Process Keeps You on Good Terms with Your Stakeholders

The Essential SAFe configuration is the most basic configuration of SAFe. It provides a starting point for implementing SAFe, and describes the most critical elements needed to realize the majority of the framework’s benefits. It consists of the Team and Program levels, and Foundation, as illustrated in Figure 2. The Team Level (see bottom of Figure 2) describes the structure and activities of the Agile teams that build the solution. Each team has dedicated individual contributors, covering all the roles necessary to build a quality increment of value for an iteration. Teams can deliver software, hardware, and any combination. Learn more. The heart of SAFe is the Program Level (see top of Figure 2) where Agile teams, key stakeholders, and other resources are dedicated to an important, ongoing solution mission using a construct called the Agile Release Train (ART). The ART is a self-managing and organizing team-of-Agile-teams that plans, commits, and executes together. Agile teams are dedicated to one, and only one Agile Release Train (ART). Each is responsible for defining, building, and testing stories from their backlog in a series of time-boxed iterations.

Is Essential Safe for You?

Do you want to scale up your Agile practices, but the SAFe Big Picture is just too big for your first step? The minimum viable product of the SAFe Big Picture is Essential SAFe®; enabling as few as two Agile teams to work together. Icon Coaching and Training guides your team to complete proficiency in the essential elements of Scaled Agile; providing you with a solid foundation to add more people, teams, and elements to incrementally build out your SAFe Big Picture.

Is your organization small, but still in need of a coordinated Agile approach? With as few as two Agile teams, and their stakeholders; the ten elements of Essential SAFe® will allow your organization to realize the full benefits of SAFe. Icon Coaching and Training guides your team to complete proficiency in the essential elements of Scaled Agile.

Think your organization is using SAFe, but you're not getting the full business benefits described in the case studies? Scaled Agile, Inc. has discovered that the less successful enterprises have skipped some of the most essential SAFe practices. Essential SAFe® is the minimum viable product of the Big Picture; it describes the elements necessary to be successful. Icon coaches can help you to tune-up your SAFe implementation, to incorporate these ten essential elements for each release train in your portfolio; so you, too, can fully benefit from SAFe.

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