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Gain knowledgeable insights to shape your journey by connecting with our experienced team members. Let ICON navigate your starting point by clarifying your vision, providing the insight needed to build leadership support, and outlining the data used to prepare your budget.

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Clarify Your Vision
Help team members understand why change is beneficial.

Schedule a FREE 1-Hour Consultation and answer the following questions:

Why: An aspirational vision invites team members to participate in creating the future vision of the company. Helping people understand why change is beneficial to the customer, the company, and them is more successful than imposing the change.

Key Outcomes: Our discovery and transformation workshops yield cultural visions, target metrics, game plans to execute, and insights to guide the way. ICON will craft an approach that fits your companies unique needs, help envision the future, and develop a roadmap to achieve the desired outcomes.

Build Leadership Support
Allow leaders to recognize the ROI that follows a transformation.

Know where you are headed and need help with getting additional leaders on board? We suggest:

  • SAFe Transformation Overview for Executives (FREE 2-Hour Presentation)
  • Open Enrollment Training for key decision-makers

Why: Increased understanding enables leaders to effectively recognize the ROI in improving the company's outcomes.

Key Outcomes: Knowledge reduces the unknowns and therefore the barriers to change. ICON’s courses are taught by practicing coaches – people with rich experience applying what they teach. Their stories and examples bring the concepts to life.

Vlog Series: (EP1) Agile: Why We Need It (EP2) Agile: What It Is

Transformation Costs & Essentials
Support and prepare your vision with data and company insights.

Need data to prepare a budget or business case? Schedule a FREE 1-Hour Consultation.

Why: Lean-Agile and Business Agility transformations require investments in training, coaching, and tools. ICON has seen the consequences of inadequate investments and aims to prevent those foreseeable problems in your company.

Key Outcomes: We will share data and insights to help create a realistic budget.

Next Steps to Adopting Agile

Review our additional guidance, training, and resources for your transformation from ICON experts.

Plan Your Next Steps & Gain Leadership Buy-in
Plan Your Next Steps & Gain Leadership Buy-in

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Learn Transformation Tips From Our Experts
Learn Transformation Tips From Our Experts

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Get Educated in Our Public & Private Training Courses
Get Educated in Our Public & Private Training Courses

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Enhance Your Agile Knowledge Through The ICON Blog
Enhance Your Agile Knowledge Through The ICON Blog

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