ICON Provides SAFe Coaches At All Levels To Support Your Agile Transformation

Do you need expert support to fill a gap amongst your teams to successfully execute your transformation? At the start of many Agile transformations, customers begin forming Agile teams with internal employees moving into new Agile roles. Sometimes, organizations may have gaps in these roles that can hinder progress or slow down their Agile implementation. These gaps can be due to lack of internal experience or simply staffing issues. Having expert people to support these roles hands on is critical to success in the initial stages.

Product Owner

  • Experienced working in a SAFe environment requiring collaboration across teams on dependencies and user workflow
  • Shares persona needs and pain points with the teams and is experienced at customer journey mapping techniques
  • Partners with user experience designers to focus on the user journey to ensure the product is easy to learn and use
  • Defines and prioritizes the team backlog - knows how to balance demand/defects/trade-offs to reach highest value for customers and the organization
  • Evaluates progress at the end of each iteration and accepts user stories

Product Manager

  • Experienced with design thinking techniques and strong leadership skills helping product organizations adopt SAFe
  • Creates and communicates the product vision and roadmap based on extensive market and customer research
  • Develops go to market strategy all the way through to product build and launch activities
  • Defines and prioritizes portfolio epics and feature backlogs
  • Provides final acceptance of features

Scrum Master

  • Teaches and supports key agile values, principals and practices
  • Creates an atmosphere that enables learning and exploring by identifying teaching moments and conducting experiments while achieving a sustainable pace
  • Ensures the product backlog effectively feeds the sprint backlog
  • Helps the team identify and remove impediments
  • Ensures team adheres to tool utilization standards, captures appropriate metrics and promotes visibility to team progress to the team and stakeholders

Release Train Engineer

  • Facilitates PI Planning readiness and PI execution
  • Enables effective collaboration between teams, business, product, architecture and stakeholders
  • Optimizes flow of value through the ART and strong focus on continuous improvement via I&As
  • Coaches teams on agile values, principles and practices
  • Creates engaging environments where teams want to work

UX Designer

  • Conducts wireframing and user research
  • Designs system layouts, workflows, interactivity based on personas
  • Ensures the product is easy to learn and use
  • Proactively partners with POs to refine the backlog
  • Unites teams that are all working on products/solutions in a SAFe environment that have the same users and require consistency

DevSecOps Expert

  • Assesses maturity of test automation, defect detection, frequency of integration and builds and guides on opportunities for improvement
  • Assesses maturity of continuous deployment to production processes and guides on opportunities for improvement
  • Develops competency for embedding security and compliance into your DevOps workflows
  • Teaches how to create threat intelligence through monitoring, detecting, responding and recovery activities
  • Advises on tools and technologies to achieve goals of DevSecOps

Team Coach

  • Creates a culture of self-organization and experimentation
  • Coaches teams to reinforce lean-agile mindset, principles, values, practices and effective ceremony execution (standups, estimation, backlog refinement, demos, retros)
  • Helps the team to improve engineering practices
  • Coaches the product owner and scrum master unique roles
  • Ensures team's progress measures are highly visible to team and stakeholders

Solution/Enterprise Architect

  • Guides the team on architecting with SAFe principles
  • Teaches how to architect for DevSecOps and Release on Demand
  • Aligns architecture with business value
  • Supports business strategy and strategic themes by developing the appropriate solution vision, intent and architectural runway to share with the teams
  • Identifies and reports technical risks

Program Coach

  • Guides development of a vision and roadmap for achieving agile adoption, to include strong metrics and reporting systems, for continuous improvement
  • Experienced in preparing, planning, training, and coaching an Agile Release Train (ART)
  • Coaches senior and middle managers in lean-agile mindset
  • Coaches POs, PMs, SMs, RTEs, and business owners in their new roles
  • Develops a sustainable Agile CoE of agile champions and working groups

LACE Coach

  • Communicates the “why” for the transformation - business need, urgency and vision for change along with an organizational change management approach
  • Develops and implements the transformation backlog
  • Develops train the trainer/coach the coach programs to move internal talent move organization toward self-sufficiency
  • Creates and supports communities of practice
  • Gathers metrics and transformation feedback

Transformation Coach

  • Designs and implements a successful transformation approach which leads the organization to reach Business Agility goals
  • Has the knowledge, credibility and depth of coaching experience to influence at all levels with specific emphasis on the C-Suite
  • Influences the organizational design to focus on flow of value
  • Experienced change agent sets the stage for others to adopt the lean-agile mindset and methods with responsibilities to improve the culture
  • Helps the organization overcome transformation impediments and ensures the organization moves towards self-sustainability of the changes

Portfolio/LPM Coach

  • Specifically focused on helping an organization move from a project to product centric approach
  • Replaces rigid, annual funding mechanisms with a framework that aligns strategy with investment funding decisions
  • Guides on creation of strategic themes and OKRs to create strong visible anchors to strategy
  • Coaches on the creation of the portfolio backlog
  • Introduces guardrails that keep PIs aligned with strategic intent while enabling decentralized decisions making

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ICON's Talent and Experience is the Key to our Client's Outcomes

As a Gold SPCT Transformation Partner, ICON's highly credentialed coaches have the experience to

  • guide the most complex transformations at all levels of the enterprise
  • train product, leadership, SW/HW/Data roles in agile practices
  • ensure the lean-agile values and practices stick
  • build the foundation and re-usable assets you need to reach self-sufficiency

We help you build your teams and ARTs by selecting only the highly qualified agile practitioners to

  • model the skills, techniques and behaviors for others to learn from
  • act as built-in mentors for your team while performing the role
  • take a hands-on approach to correcting emerging anti-patterns early

ICON's proven results with 1000+ clients have led our customers to become world class, product-centric organizations with increased ROI, NPS and time to market.

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