Do you need expert support to fill a gap amongst your teams to successfully execute your transformation? At the start of many Agile transformations, customers begin forming Agile teams with internal employees moving into new Agile roles. Sometimes, organizations may have gaps in these roles that can hinder progress or slow down their Agile implementation. These gaps can be due to lack of internal experience or simply staffing issues. Having expert people to support these roles hands on is critical to success in the initial stages.

ICON has experienced individuals who can dive into the work in roles you may still be looking to fill. Our team of field experts can work on a short term or long term basis, while you qualify the right people. If internal candidates are already identified, our experts can pair and coach the skills needed to perform the role.

Even with experienced Agile coaches, it's the team of experts surrounding them that are needed to speed up the process of a successful execution.

Release Train Engineer (RTE)
The RTE is a servant leader and coach for the Agile Release Train (ART). The most important duty is to facilitate the ART events and assist the teams in delivering value. An extremely experienced Release Train Engineer is a crucial need for any SAFe transformation.

Solution Train Engineer
The Solution Train Engineer (STE) serves as a coach and servant leader, facilitating and guiding the work of the ARTs within a Value Stream. STEs enable effective operations of the Solution Train's ARTs. Important aspects of this role includes decentralized decision-making, alignment, and coordination for the entire Solution Train.

Product Owner
The Product Owner (PO) is a member of the Agile Team responsible for defining Stories and prioritizing the Team Backlog. The primary goal is to represent the customer to the development team to create the most valuable product.

Scrum Master
A Scrum Master assumes the role of a servant leader for an Agile team. They act as a facilitator and coach, while instilling collaboration among team members. The Scrum Master mentors and motivates team members on relentless improvement.

Product Manager
A Product Manager is the person within an organization who helps identify the customer need and the business objectives for a new product or feature. An important aspect of this role is to analyze the market and develop products to remain competitive in the marketplace.

Solution Architect
A Solution Architect works with business areas to create technical strategies and to improve current implementations. A major responsibility is to evaluate the organization's business needs and determine how IT can support leveraging software, hardware, or infrastructure.

UX Designer
Customer-centric UX Designers define personas, map customer journeys and design a cohesive customer experience. The role is directly involved in the process of making a product useful, usable and enjoyable for its users.

Enterprise Architect
An Enterprise Architect is responsible for maintaining the upkeep of an organization's technology services and networks. They manage, refine, and improve enterprise services, software and hardware.

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