Flow Finder™ Assessment

Reveal Hidden Talent within Teams using Flow Finder

Flow Finder uses Organizational Network Analysis to help agile teams of any size reveal their hidden talent dynamics by making communication, collaboration, and trust visible. Once revealed, the teaming dynamics provide leaders with team design improvements along with insights clarifying their impact on the affected area. These insights can drive targeted Lean-Agile coaching, resulting in higher performance, reduced risk, and accelerated value delivery.

Can Flow Finder help with my digital Transformation efforts?

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are new hires not impacting team performance as well as expected?
  • Do you have high-performing teams, but don't know why?
  • Can you identify high potentials before they become your high performers?
  • Is your company heavily investing in leadership development, but unable to resolve ongoing team conflict?
  • Are your DevOps Teams executing, but sense they could be more effective?
  • Does your Agile Transformation have a few high-performing delivery teams, but others, not so much?
  • Has your organizational collaboration or change momentum stalled and you need to find a NEW why?
  • Are your SAFe Lean/Agile Leaders challenged balancing their new Agile responsibilities and their 'day job'?

If you responded "yes," "maybe," or even "hmmm" to any of these questions, then Flow Finder can positively impact your organization, executives, people-leaders, and delivery teams. With the Flow Finder results, ICON can help you:

  • Accelerate workflow cycle time
  • Discover knowledge‐sharing blocks
  • Identify sidelined collaborators
  • Explain performant outcomes
  • Reveal organizational redundancies
  • Manage intra-team conflicts
  • Visualize trust-based netrworks

Overview of Assessment Events

Step 1: Identify Agile Transformation Teams

ICON engages with you to understand how work gets done and to identify candidate teams at all organizational levels.

Step 2: Distribute ONA Surveys

ICON administers an Organizational Network Analysis survey to the identified teams.

Step 3: Understand Hidden Talent Findings

ICON guides you through survey findings paired with many benefits.

Step 4: Design/Redesign Transformation Teams

ICON presents multiple Team Design alternatives along with impact analysis.

Step 5: Continue Transformation

ICON provides implementation plan for integrating selected Team Design into your Agile Transformation, ensuring receipt of targeted Flow Finder benefits.

Getting Started

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