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Is Agile / Scaled Agile Right for You?

Learn what 40% of the Fortune 100 companies already know and see if your team is ready for Agile.

Agile is a journey where you are continuously learning, improving and innovating. Agile and Scaled Agile (SAFe) work best in an environment that is flexible with scope and requirements, promotes dedicated cross-functional teams, has business SME's embedded with development teams, needs multiple development teams working on an integrated solution space, and can co-locate most all team members. An honest assessment of the readiness of an organization, department, or enterprise is the key to the successful adoption of Agile methods and practices.

This new way of working allows for teams of teams to deliver business value on a regular cadence, with greater employee and customer satisfaction. However, Agile and SAFe are not silver bullets! Agile and Lean approaches that promote unbiased learning, short time boxes, explicit limiting of work in progress, and focus on transparency will work for many organizations; but if not adopted and implemented correctly, your products & your people may end up sidelined.

This simple assessment written by ICON coach and SPCT Candidate Doug Less will bring clarity to the question "Am I ready for Agile/SAFe?"

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Doug Less

Written by Doug Less

Doug has over 20 years of multidisciplinary consulting services experiences with the last decade aimed at driving the adoption of Agile values, principles, and practices to help people go beyond DOING Agile to BEING Agile. He has been a SAFe SPC since 2015 and became an SPCT Candidate in November 2020. He has trained and coached teams, Scrum Masters / Team Coaches, Product Owners, Product Management, Engineering Management, and Executives at several large and international Scaled Agile Transformations.

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