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Whether you are learning about the benefits of Business Agility, starting your Agile Transformation or already on your journey and need help with expanding or advancing your progress, we will meet you where you are. We have proven techniques for launching a new transformation, gaining buy-in, creating sustainable change, launching ARTs, supporting continuous learning and tackling the toughest challenges.

ICON uses a pragmatic and collaborative approach alongside leaders of your organization that brings valuable expertise to a custom approach that will meet the needs of your specific industry and culture.

Connecting strategy to teams and transforming operations

This service roadmap brings together ideas and visualizes offerings that leaders can use to answer challenges to operations and create a competitive advantage. It encourages team enablement where and when it matters while highlighting opportunities to upskill the workforce, launch Agile Release Trains (ARTs), build your Lean-Agile Center of Excellence (LACE), and adopt internal coaching practices for a changing future.

Have You Heard?
Have You Heard?

ICON cuts through the noise and uncovers how to create new operational efficiency.

Click on key roadmap points to learn how ICON can help you along your journey.

SAFe Implemenation Roadmap
Discovery Consultation & Current State Understanding Training Leaders & Creating Change Agents Identify Value Streams Build Your LACE Team & Role Based Training Launch ARTs Lean Portfolio Operations Accelerate Technical Agility & Advanced DevSecOps Tune Ups & Focus on Accelerating Flow

How can the SAFe framework help me accelerate the flow of value?

Your organization's operations have a major role to play in providing sustainability. Decisive actions to accelerate flow of operations increase efficiency and reduce waste without loss of productivity.

Our approach to agile transformation helps clients build a strategy that can create sustainable growth wherever they are in their agile journey. ICON focuses on achieving key outcomes and considers the impact on your organization's unique needs with our proven coaching and consultation practice.

Leaders of agile organizations have the operational transparency to look across their organizations to see opportunities in improvement areas, including cross-functional actions that promote efficiency, remove impediments, and accelerate value flow in rapidly evolving market conditions.

How can I upskill my workforce and win with talent?

Many companies still struggle to find and retain staff. Even as some are bearing down during market-instability, workers are seeking more flexibility and purpose across industries.

To augment your workforce and staff your teams with qualified agile experts, we offer critical agile roles and embedded SAFe coaches specializing in business transformation. ICON is your trusted partner for augmenting your workforce.

To manage retention and empower your workforce, we offer workshops and SAFe certified training to upskill your workforce and provide your workers more purpose.

Next Steps in Your SAFe® / Agile Journey

Review our additional guidance, training, and resources for your transformation from ICON experts.

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Meet Our Coaches

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Plan Your Next Steps & Gain Leadership Buy-in

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Get Educated in Our Public & Private Training Courses

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Enhance Your Agile Knowledge Through The ICON Blog

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