Why is it so hard to find
qualified Product Owners?

Lack of sufficient in-house talent is among the top 5 reasons Agile Transformations stall. The Product Owner understands the product vision and can analyze various trade-offs to make vital decisions to maximize business value. Product Owners develop the product features and goals, create backlogs based on goals, order backlog items, ensure that the product backlog is visible and understood, and serve as the liaison between stakeholders, Scrum team members, and end users. With so much responsibility placed upon the Product Owner, how do you solidify that you are correctly investing in your organization's PO capability? Gain clarity to this question by taking our simple Product Owner health assessment.

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PO/PM Responsibilities

PO Responsibilities

  • Understanding the product roadmap
  • Share persona's needs & pain points
  • Define & prioritize team backlog & accept user stories
  • Workflow collaboration with other POs

PM Responsibilities

  • Product vision & fit to the ogranizational landscape
  • Continuous market research & customer discovery
  • Define & prioritize portfolio epics & program backlog
  • Final acceptance of features

Shared (Alignment & Planning)

  • Iterative approach, prioritization, PI objectives, release schedule