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If you are looking to keep pace with the speed of digital innovation, ICON offers assessments to evaluate your Lean-Agile maturity or business agility health. Using a mix of interviews, observations, Gemba Walks, and workshops, ICON uncovers specific pain points and offers a unique, customized solution that best fits the needs and Agile maturity of your organization. We help you build a plan to sustain the momentum of your transformation, so that the entire enterprise may realize the benefits.

Business Results
These four areas represent only some of the benefits experienced by companies in their adoption of SAFe®.

Assessment Overview

ICON provides a 1-3 week assessment for Programs, Portfolios, or the Enterprise organized in the following way:

Step 1

ICON begins with an online Agile survey, offering self-assessment questions to a mix of business and IT personnel. We look at all-size projects and integrated team practices and culture.

Step 2

ICON conducts on-site interviews and Gemba Walks with a full range of personnel and review current work items, processes, budgeting, and tools.

Step 3

ICON assesses findings and makes recommendations in a Leadership presentation. Together we engage in a strategic Roadmap Workshop to outline next steps.

The Strategic Roadmap Workshop

Once ICON has a deep understanding of a company’s current situation and goals, we analyze the assessment results and determine the main pain points and bottlenecks getting in the way of business objectives. This drives our process recommendations and the direction of the Strategic Roadmap Workshop for key leaders and stakeholders.

Activities include:

  • Report findings from surveys and interviews
  • Discuss how Lean, Agile, and scaling principles are means to address the problems
  • Review and prioritize recommendations for improvement
  • Discuss the level of disruption and how long the change process might take
  • Develop a roadmap of process improvement activities, including defining stakeholder, key measures, increased responsibilities, change management activities, etc.
  • Provide a final proposal of training and coaching support needed for Agile programs.
We include key leaders and stakeholders in making a plan for the future.

Implementing the Change

After the development of a Strategic Transformation Roadmap, the next step is to train and coach all members of program teams to the appropriate level of Agile understanding and skills, depending on their role and need. For many of our customers, this means coaching and training in SAFe. The following is the SAFe Implementation Roadmap that defines the optimal path to a SAFe Transformation.

Sustain the Momentum

Once a path has been determined, ICON highly recommends establishing an Agile Center of Excellence (Agile CoE) to sustain the momentum of your Agile Transformation efforts. The entire organization can realize the benefits of Lean and Agile principles as the practices are effectively scaled throughout business and operations.

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