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Course Description

The workshop will start off by familiarizing participants with Lean Software Development Concepts, Principles, and Practices by providing them with practical examples and hands-on exercises to help them understand and experience some of them.

The workshop then will walk the participants through a series of steps to help them learn how a "Kanban System" can be implemented to start putting the Lean Principles that they have learned into practice.

The Kanban exercises within the workshop are such that they can be applied to the team's unique needs and circumstances to their work situations. Thus the workshop addresses the team's key challenges and thereby maximizes their learning, retention, and engagement.


  • To introduce participants to Lean Software Development and provide a historical context of Lean.
  • To create an awareness of Lean Software Development's ideas, explain the rationale behind them - and wherever possible with hands-on exercises.
  • To have teams get started in thinking about and identifying improvement opportunities at their workplace using Lean ideas - and explore how many of these Lean Thinking tools can be applied almost immediately to achieve better work results.
  • An introduction to "The Kanban Method" - as a way of implementing Lean Principles.
  • The values, principles and practices associated with Kanban & their significance and importance.
  • How to go about implementing a "Kanban System" through the steps of 1) visualizing workflows (sometimes referred to as Value Stream Mapping), 2) designing Kanban boards to support their individual team's workflow, 3) identifying some of their work items types, 4) Design of Kanban ticket and what information is important to capture, 5) the ways that they can go about deciding WIP limits and 6) using various techniques to enable flow.
  • To speak about various meetings and their cadences such as 1) planning, 2) Daily stand-ups, 3) Reviews, 4) Retrospectives, 5) Operational Reviews, etc. and answer questions on how these differ from similar Scrum meetings.
  • Kanban Metrics what is measured, why, and how they can be used towards our goals and objective's.
  • A demonstration of an online Kanban simulation which will demonstrate how Kanban will likely work in actual software development environment (subject to Internet access).

Topics Covered

  1. Introduction to Lean in IT & Software Development
  2. An Introduction to Kanban
  3. Push vs Pull
  4. Batch Sizes
  5. Identifying Waste
  6. Work in Process Limits
  7. Kanban Boards
  8. Work Items
  9. Cumulative Flow Diagrams
  10. Control Charts

Audience and Certification Details

The workshop is intended for team members, select Vendor Associates, and Managers who are interested in learning about Lean Software Development process and how to implement it using "The Kanban Method." Each workshop will accommodate multiple teams; up to 4 teams or 20 people, maximum to ensure sufficient oversight and quality of attention. The members of the individual teams will be working together in learning the Principles and Practices associated with Lean and Kanban.




1 Day


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