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Course Description

The Enterprise Business Agility Strategist (EBAS) certification class is intended for senior leaders and change agents to learn about the breadth and scope of changes and strategies needed for successful Business Agility transformations.

You will learn what encompasses the new ways of working for Business Agility and how to develop and execute successful strategies to enable enterprise-level transformation. This class will move beyond scaling Agile for software development to a holistic, sustainable transformation across all areas of business operations and delivery.

You will participate in activities tailored to your specific transformation challenges and walk away with concrete solutions. We will spend time exploring the Enterprise Business Agility model and the seven pillars of Business Agility in detail, developing the knowledge necessary to lead a transformation within each pillar.


  • Understand current challenges to achieving Business Agility in your organization and why moving to the new ways of working across an enterprise is imperative to thrive
  • Learn about the 7 pillars of an Enterprise Business Agility (EBA) transformation
  • Deep dive discussions to learn how to:
  • Implement Lean Portfolio Management to achieve alignment to strategic outcomes, visualize demand and capacity, manage based on results, make strategic pivots and move to modern funding models
  • Analyze different approaches for organizational structure and team design to ensure efficient and effective end-to-end value delivery
  • Design a maturity roadmap for operations and delivery teams to help them crawl, walk, run and then fly with an Agile/Lean Mindset
  • Design a Leadership & Culture Transformation strategy that enables environments for agility to flourish
  • Develop a plan to sustain the transformation to the new ways of working (Making it Stick)
  • Explore the Technology Transformation required to enable Business Agility
  • Mature design thinking and lean product development
  • Learn to facilitate/lead a Transformation Strategy and Roadmap session for your organization
  • Earn the ICAgile Certified Professional – Business Agility Foundations (ICP-BAF) accreditation

Topics Covered

Day 1 - Discuss the challenges and drivers for achieving Business Agility, understand the scope of the Enterprise Business Agility (EBA) model and explore several of the EBA Pillars in more depth.

  • Introductions, Purpose and Meeting Norms
  • EBA Model Overview
  • Discuss and explore: Customer Seat at the Table Pillar; Lean Portfolio Management Pillar; Organizational Structure and Design Pillar; Agile Framework and Mindset Pillar

Day 2 - Explore the remaining EBA pillars in depth, discuss the EBA transformation strategy and finish the day with learning from real-world Business Agility experiences.

  • Discuss and explore: Leadership and Cultural Transformation Pillar; Make It Stick Pillar; Technology Transformation Pillar; EBA Transformation Strategy process
  • Share lessons learned from real-world Business Agility experiences

Audience and Certification Details

Attendees typically include:

  • Agile Change Agents
  • Enterprise Agile Coaches
  • Company Executives and Leaders



2 days


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