SAFe Transformation Coaching
SAFe Transformation Coaching
ICON offers SAFe 5.0 Training, executive education, and experienced coaching.
A complete DevOps Solution
A Complete DevOps Solution
Build quality into your delivery pipeline and update your automation and skills.
The ICON Blog
The ICON Blog
Our experienced coaches share their knowledge and expertise.

Our Agile Scaling Solutions

Our Services

  • Coaching

    Our network of strong coaches can assess, respond and adapt to the unique needs of each client. Our coaches have the right experience and qualifications to guide your Agile transformation.

  • Training
    Public Training

    ICON's public training provides a flexible, cost-effective option for individuals or small teams to master new skills in SAFe 5.0 or Enterprise Business Agility.

  • Enterprise Business Agility
    Private Training

    ICON provides expert on-site training to meet all your Agile process needs. We offer SAFe®, DevOps, and Lean-Agile courses for large groups at a discount price.

Our Assessments

  • Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®)
    SAFe® & Lean-Agile Assessments

    Using a mix of interviews, observations, Gemba Walks, and workshops, ICON uncovers specific pain points and offers a unique, customized solution that best fits the needs and Agile maturity of your organization.

  • AgilityHealth®
    AgilityHealth® Assessments

    This Exploration and Growth Platform uses a series of Radars to help you measure and optimize the different areas of Agile health within your organization.

  • DevOps
    DevOps Assessments

    ICON measures your DevOps health and goals, helping you to uncover specific pain points and develop a roadmap to guide your DevOps journey.

What Our Clients Say

Join Our Team!

We are looking for highly experienced, people-oriented Scaled Agile Coaches.

ICON coaches are the best in the industry, many of whom have two decades of experience with 5+ years of guiding Scaled Agile transformations in major organizations. We are looking for consultants who can lead and transform large groups, have a willingness to collaborate and listen intently to our customers' needs, and have the drive to continuously educate and credential themselves.

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