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ICON Coaches are more than technical experts—they are cultural transformation artists who have a reputation for showing heart in their work and rolling up their sleeves to help our clients in collaborative partnership. By ensuring that our clients fully understand, contribute to, and own their transformations, our coaches enable companies to sustain and succeed on their own. We invite you to learn more about some of our best coaches, their diverse leadership experience, and their coaching philosophies.

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SAFe Practice Consultant Trainer (SPCT)

Our SPCT Team

The SAFe Practice Consultant Trainer (SPCT) certification recognizes individuals who demonstrate superior knowledge, competency, and in-depth field experience in adopting Agile across an enterprise with SAFe. SPCTs are often the leading change agents in an organization's Lean-Agile transformation and implementation. They also have a proven track record as expert trainers and are the only ones authorized to train aspiring SAFe Practice Consultants (SPCs). There are fewer than 75 SPCTs worldwide. According to Gartner: "If you're hiring someone who has [an] SPCT certification, you can be confident that they do have experience in these areas, as well as experience with SAFe implementation at multiple organizations."

Two of our SPCTs are also SAFe Fellows, an even rarer recognition of mastery and thought leadership within the SAFe Community.

SAFe Fellow = SAFe Fellow

SPCT Candidate = SPCT Candidate

SAFe Fellow
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