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Implementing Agile Transformation

Led by ICON SPCT Charlene M. Cuenca, AAM began implementing SAFe in 2017 to align Business and IT on capacity and demand. In a year, AAM united their US, UK, and Netherlands divisions under one SAFe® Portfolio. They also created a Lean Portfolio Management (LPM) capability to encompass all 3 locations, which provided an unprecedented level of openness and transparency. Today, SAFe practices and principles are integral to AAM, whose employees visibly protect the Lean-Agile way of working.

Johnson Controls

Full SAFe® Transformation

ICON coached and trained the Access Control Division, which develops systems to help buildings achieve maximum security while increasing efficiency and lowering costs. ICON partnered with Building Technology & Solutions, Power Solutions, and to implement SAFe and achieve the goal of faster time to market and increased quality. ICON provided transformation leadership, coaching, and training and helped stand up JCI’s “Common Agile Practice Initiative.”


SAFe® Transformation

ICON provided Elekta with SAFe transformation and team coaching support from 2013-2019, as Elekta transitioned from Agile to scaling with SAFe. ICON trained and coached 2 SAFe programs and provided strategic guidance for the Enterprise. ICON designed and helped Elekta build a sophisticated continuous delivery pipeline that automated the build, test, integration, and release of 300+ custom components, in addition to several legacy systems under active development by teams all over the world.


Full SAFe® Transformation

From 2015-2017, ICON helped facilitate their initial Program Increment Planning exercise and provided enterprise-level coaching that successfully implemented agile at scale. As a result, Vantiv has improved employee engagement, reduced time to market, and meets customer needs with innovative solutions.

What Our Clients Say About Us

Emerson Electric Company

"ICON has been integral to our SAFe Transformation and certification training at Emerson. The skilled Agile coaches and SAFe instructors have enabled us to grow from 2 initial ARTs to over 20 ARTs in 3 years. ICON is a great partner, and I am excited to continue working and transforming with them!"


"ICON has not only raised awareness of gaps in our understanding of agile development but has been instrumental in closing those gaps through training, coaching, mentoring, and knowledge transfer. The coaches assisting us [brought] a wealth of information and practical experience to our efforts. They have guided us in leveraging what makes sense for our organization."

Sallie Mae

"With ICON's help in the Agile transition, our business partners and leadership started realizing the benefit of fast delivery and better-quality software. Agile teams are happier due to being empowered to make a difference and seeing the fruits of their labor faster."

Northwestern Mutual

"I can tell stories or describe capabilities, but it boils down to two things in my experience with ICON – highly skilled, passionate professionals who can also adapt to the local business context."

Ernst & Young

"Excellent training. Really had good time learning. The instructor shared real time examples and role played different roles to demonstrate different SAFe Agile team personas. He was very knowledgeable and was able to address all the questions or discussion that team had. Taking the Leading SAFe course under him was incredibly engaging and enjoyable."


"ICON provided a coach that was very knowledgeable and demonstrated his knowledge in an engaging and humorous manner. He is the best instructor I have had by far. I would be happy to take a course with him again in the future. I wish I had him for all my SAFe classes!"


"ICON Agility has been a valued partner for Intrado’s Scaled Agile transformation. Not only have their coaches been top-notch, but ICON has also gone the extra mile to work with Intrado in identifying coaches who fit well into our company culture, ensuring we maximized the value of the coaching engagement."
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