Product Strategy

Assessing your current product strategy within your organization is a crucial step to ensure alignment with business goals and market dynamics.

Our 5 step process

  • Review Original Product Objectives
  • Evaluation Market Fit
  • Evaluate Financial Performance
  • Assess the Current Flexibility and Adaptability
  • Review Cross Functional Collaboration

Conducting a product strategy workshop can be a collaborative and engaging way to align team members and stakeholders.

Based on the results of the strategy assessment, through a road mapping exercise, we will build or update the product roadmap, collaboratively. Our Roadmap will ensure key milestones align with strategic goals and market opportunities.

Product Discovery

In approaching product discovery within your organization, we employ a comprehensive and customer-centric methodology. Our process begins with a deep understanding of market dynamics, user needs, and emerging trends.

Our iterative approach allows for continuous testing and validation of concepts, ensuring that the final product not only meets but exceeds user expectations. By combining data-driven decision-making with a human-centered design philosophy, our product discovery approach is geared towards delivering solutions that resonate with your audience and drive meaningful impact for your organization.

Product Roadmap Workshop

Our product roadmap workshop typically begins with a review of the product's current state, analyzing its successes and challenges.

Aligning the product vision with company objectives is emphasized before identifying key themes and initiatives. We focus on Prioritization determining which initiatives offer the most value and feasibility. A custom go forward will be created in collaboration with our customers.

Implementation Support

Our Product Coaches assist in defining and refining the product vision and strategy. Through prioritization and road mapping, product coaches help teams focus on the most valuable features and initiatives, drawing from customer feedback and business insights.

Our coaches also facilitate cross-functional collaboration, reinforce agile methodologies, and empower teams to make informed decisions.

ICON Product Owners and Product Managers are vital in agile organizations for their roles in defining product vision, prioritizing features, and guiding development efforts. They champion user-centric design, ensuring products meet customer needs and align with business objectives.

Our professionals facilitate cross-functional collaboration, make informed decisions, and gather feedback for iterative improvements. They also manage risks, measure success through key metrics, and adapt strategies to changing market dynamics.

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