In order to enable Continuous Delivery, the organization must Align to Value Streams, then optimize the Delivery Process from Concept to Cash. Agile addresses the Concept to Code process. DevSecOps addresses the Code to Cash process, which is enabled by the Deployment Pipeline. ICON's DevSecOps Discovery Workshop and DevSecOps Solution Workshop lead the organization through a practical and engaging approach to kicking off a DevSecOps Transformation the right way. These workshops are customized activities specific to a client's unique needs. 

The DevSecOps Discovery Workshop (Day 1) examines the organization's current-state deployment pipeline and establishes baseline performance metrics. This achieves a fact-based understanding of delivery health and aligns the organization on the highest-value opportunities for improvement. 

The DevSecOps Solutions Workshop (Day 2)  builds the vision, strategy and teams that will guide and execute the DevSecOps transformation. This achieves organizational alignment on the target-state deployment pipeline and the road map that will chart the journey.

Day 1 | Discovery:

  • Define your current state deployment pipeline
  • Identify major pipeline pain points & root causes
  • Identify high-value opportunities for improvement
  • Develop actionable takeaways and artifacts

Day 2 | Solution:

  • Review DevSecOps concepts & ICON's approach
  • Define the DevSecOps vision & key metrics
  • Review DevSecOps Discovery Workshop results
  • Define a target state deployment pipeline
  • Identify and prioritize DevSecOps Epics
  • Staff the DevSecOps Transformation Team

  • Setting the Context
  • Mapping your Deployment Pipeline
  • Identify Constraints
  • Brainstorm Solutions

  • Senior Dev and Ops Leaders
  • Senior Technical Practitioners

  • None

2 Days

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DevSecOps Discovery and Solution Workshops
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