This course explains this approach’s values, key techniques, and how each Agile team member contributes to success. In this course you will learn what makes Agile iterative, the fundamentals of the Agile approach, Scrum basics, backlogs and user stories, and Agile project and release planning.

      Understand key Agile and Scrum concepts, terms, and practices

      Be able to explain Agile and Scrum benefits and key techniques

      Become familiar with the progression of key Scrum activities and artifacts

      Prepare to participate in an upcoming Agile project

  1. Agile Fundamentals 
  2. Scrum Overview 
  3. Agile Requirements
  4. Estimating and Release Planning
  5. Planning a Sprint
  6. Running a Sprint
  7. Closing a Sprint

This course is intended for all who will actively participate in an Agile project, including Scrum team members, Scrum Masters, Product Owners, and Subject Mater Experts. People on the edges of the project (secondary customers, management staff and participants in related processes) will also benefit. 


1 day

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Applying Scrum - Agile Principles & Practices
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