Agile Release Train (ART) Flow Accelerator
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The fastest way to achieve the benefits of enhanced value flow acceleration with SAFe 6.0 guidance is with a workshop led by expert, SAFe SPCTs. Agile Release Trains (ARTs) are at the center of delivering continuous flow of value to your customers.

  • Participants learn how to identify improvement areas.
  • Real ART Flow measurements: Predictability, Flow Time, and Flow Efficiency.
  • Review current state recommendations and flow acceleration opportunities.

  • Reducing work-in-progress
  • Identifying bottlenecks
  • Minimizing queue length
  • Increasing fast feedback loops
  • Planning smaller batches of work
  • Visualizing hand-offs and dependecies
  • Optimizing time creating value
  • Reduce the impact of legacy policy and procedures

  • Lean-Agile & Agile Transformation Leaders
  • Release Train Engineers
  • LACE members, SPCs, and Coaches
  • Product Managers
  • PMO/VMO team members
  • Product Managers
  • Sr. Architects


1 day

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Agile Release Train (ART) Flow Accelerator
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