Agile Requirements with User Stories

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Learn about this powerful yet simple technique for expressing the features of Agile projects. This course will teach you how to write User Stories that effectively communicate the needs of your customers using a blend of lecture and group exercises. You will learn how to build a Product Backlog with User Stories as input, and how to plan and work with them. You will apply what you learn in a series of exercises that take you through Project Start-Up, Sprint Planning, and running a Sprint using User Stories. 

  • Understand Key Concepts and Terms, Including the “3 Cs” of User Stories
  • Explain the Benefits and Key Techniques Applicable During a Project
  • Prepare to Participate in an Upcoming Project
  • Apply Strategies to Identify and Split User Stories

  • What are User Stories?
    • Intro to the User Story
    • What are the Benefits?
    • Who is responsible for writing them?
    • Who owns them?
    • Who uses them?
    • Exercise: Compare user stories to your current approach
    • Intro to the Product Backlog
  • Writing Initial User Stories
    • Attributes of a good user story
    • Examples of poor user stories
    • How to develop initial user stories
    • Exercise: Draft stories
    • Themes, epics, stories
  • Refining User Stories
    • How to split user stories
    • Exercise: Strategies for splitting stories
    • Exercise: Splitting Exercise
    • Defining acceptance criteria
    • Capturing other types of requirements:
      • Technical Stories
      • Non-functional requirements
      • Business rules
      • Other system dependencies
      • Enterprise constraints
    • Exercise: Draft stories for other types of requirements 
  • Using the stories
    • Estimating stories using story points and planning poker
    • How to work with Uses Stories in a Sprint
    • Consider “WIP” limits
    • How do User Stories evolve and change during a project?
  • User Stories and the Sprint Backlog
    • Tasking during Sprint planning
    • When is a story done?
    • Exercise: Discuss the definition of done for a set of User Stories
  • User Stories and the Release Plan
    • How do User Stories fit into the planning of releases?
    • What if priorities change?
    • What if the Product Owner wants to add or remove stories?
    • Exercise: Create a release plan with User Stories
  • User Stories with Use Cases
    • We already have Use Cases. Do we need User Stories?
    • We have to write Use Cases. Should we also write User Stories?
    • Exercise: Write User Stories from a set of Use Cases (optional)

  • All who will actively participate in a project using User Stories
  • People on the edges of the project (secondary customers, management staff, and participants in related processes) will also benefit. 

  • ICON's "Scrum Overview"
  • Basic understanding of Scrum. 

2 Days

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