Customer-Centricity & Design Thinking Workshop

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Agenda – Day 1

  1. Introduction to Customer-Centricity & Design Thinking (~2 hours)
    • Customer-Centricity and Design Thinking Concepts
    • Explanation of the process & key success factors
    • Exercises to with audience to boost creative confidence
    • Brief overview of workshop activities
  2. Understanding the Customer – Empathize; Who are we designing for? (~ 4 hours)
    • Define Customer & Run Focus Groups
    • Define Customer Personas
    • Build Persona Empathy Maps
  3. Understanding the Problem (~1 hour)
    • Clearly articulate the problem or challenge participants will be addressing
    • Engage participants in an empathy-building activity to better understand the end-users
    • Divergent Activity: Participants rephrase the problem statement based on persona(s)
    • Convergent Activity: Presentation of Problem Statements
    • Reflection and Discussion

Agenda – Day 2

  1. Ideation, Part 1 – Generate Ideas and Potential Solutions (~ 1 hour)
    • Divergent Activity: Participants brainstorm ideas and potential solutions
    • Convergent Activity: Presentation of Ideas
    Feedback: Are the ideas good? Useful? Why? Why not?
    • Refine the solution. Incorporate ideas into one single solution
    • Reflection and Discussion
  2. Ideation, Part 2 – User Journey Mapping (~ 2 hours)
    • Define the steps and activities in the customer’s experience
    • dentify goals, pain-points, emotions, insights
    • Refine the solution based on the Customer’s journey
  3. Prototype and Test Ideas (~ 2 hours)
    • Divergent Activity: Rapid Prototyping (= rough and fast); each participant creates a prototype of the most popular idea in form of a storyboard with card
    How would the life of the target user look like with the new service or product?
    • Convergent Activity: Sharing individual prototypes with team members
    Creating one common prototype for the team
    • Testing: Are we solving a relevant problem and is the proposed solution desirable?
    • Make adjustments based on feedback
  4. Define User Stories for Minimum Viable Solution (~ 1 hour)
  5. Conclusion & Key Takeaways (~30 minutes)

Using a practical hands-on approach, this workshop will support Upwardly Global in the sketching, conception, and early development of an innovation challenge. First, we will expose students to concepts and principles of customer-centricity and design thinking and its importance in problem solving. Then, using an Upwardly Global context, we will use these concepts for problem identification and reframing and insight generation. Finally, through brainstorming, prototyping, and testing we refine ideas to form viable solutions.



2 days

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