Hands-on Test-Driven Development (TDD) Workshop

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Master advanced TDD techniques, from property-based testing to legacy code management. Our expert-led guidance and interactive exercises empower you to craft high-quality code faster, while championing a quality-first mindset. For those seeking an even deeper dive, join our optional third day for advanced exercises and topics. Take your skills to the next level and lead the charge in smarter, more effective value creation. 

ü  Understand the purpose of TDD and how it enhances team agility

ü  Learn how to integrate TDD into the overall workflow of your team and improve collaboration between product owner, developer, and tester

ü  Get hands-on experience with the TDD cycle

ü  Understand how to use TDD to understand and extend existing code bases

ü  Learn the proper use of test doubles and property-based testing

ü  Learn how TDD integrates with and enhances your practice of CI/CD

Day 1: Understanding Test Driven Development


Introduction to TDD in an Agile Workflow (45 mins)

The Foundations of TDD

TDD's Integral Role within Agile Practices

Benefits and Principles for Accelerated Development


TDD Process Overview (45 mins)

The Red-Green-Refactor Cycle Demystified

Unveiling the Power of Iterative Development


Improving Developer Experience and Team Effectiveness (30 mins)

Harnessing TDD's Immediate Benefits

Swift Feedback for Confident Coding

Fostering Collaboration and Shared Understanding

Seamless Integration with CI/CD Pipelines

Big Up-Front Design vs. Emergent Design

Elevating Code Quality Through Iteration


Your First TDD Session: Code Along with the Instructor (90 mins)

Dive into Practical TDD Experience

Setting Up the Coding Environment

Looking at a User Story with TDD in Mind

Our First Red-Green-Refactor Cycle

Embrace "Coding by Intention" Approach

Evolve the Design with each Red-Green-Refactor Cycle

More Tests for Comprehensive Coverage

Review and Q&A


Hands-On Exercise 1: Basic TDD Techniques (Part 1) (90 mins)

Our Class Domain, Feature, and Stories

Team Up for Pair Programming and TDD Exploration

Achieve Checkpoint 1: Make the First Acceptance Criteria Pass

Pair Solutions Presentation and Review

Discussion: Applying What You've Learned on Your Team


Hands-On Exercise 2: Basic TDD Techniques (Part 2) (90 mins)

Improve Your Collaboration with POs and Testers Through TDD

Discover missing tests by asking "what if...?"

Iterate Your Solution and its Design with More Tests

Checkpoint 2: Final Solution for Acceptance Criteria 1

Final Pair Solution Presentations and Review

Discussion: Applying What You've Learned to Your Team


Day 2: Intermediate TDD Techniques and Integration


Day 1 Review and Q&A


Introduction to Test Doubles (Mocks, Stubs, Fakes) (45 mins)

Why use test doubles in TDD?

Types of test doubles

Maintaining isolation between components during testing


Hands-On Exercise 3: Incorporating Test Doubles (90 mins)

Our Next Acceptance Criteria

Interfacing with an Existing Component

Writing or Using Existing Tests to Understand an Interface

Writing a First Test with a Test Double

Complete the Test, Code, and Test Double Iteratively.

Checkpoint 3: Acceptance Criteria 2 Passing

Pair Solution Presentation and Review


Hands-On Exercise 4: Using TDD to Drive Continuous Integration (120 mins)

Our Next User Story

Working from a Common Code Base

Agreeing on a Basic Design

Working on a Story In Parallel

Integrating Frequently and Pull before Push

Resolving Conflicts and Broken Tests

Checkpoint 4: Working Solution

Solution Presentation and Group Discussion


Group Discussion: Applying What You've Learned on Your Team (45 mins)

Impacts on Team Collaboration and Flow

Implications for Code Quality

Effect on Design Quality


Day 3: Advanced TDD Techniques and Best Practices (Optional)


Day 2 Review and Q&A


Hands-On Exercise 4: Complex Scenario and Refactoring (180 mins)

Extending an Existing Code Base

Understanding the Code Through its Tests

Confirming Understanding by Writing Missing Tests

Agreeing on a Design Approach

Implementing a New Story as a Team

Evolving the Design Iteratively

Using Test Doubles to Isolate the Code to be Changed


Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery with TDD (45 mins)

How TDD contributes to reliable CI/CD pipelines

Automated testing and deployment using TDD-based tests

Ensuring confidence in code changes through automated testing


Advanced TDD Techniques and Topics (45 mins)

Property-based testing for comprehensive test coverage

Handling edge cases and corner scenarios

Strategies for dealing with legacy code using TDD

Effective Test Codebase Management

Tracking the Value of TDD with DORA Metrics


Wrap-Up and Future Learning (30 mins)

Class Summary

Resources for Continued Learning


Final Q&A and Feedback (30 mins)

Final Questions and Reflections on the Class

Recommendations to Improve the Class Content, Flow, and Structure

Prior coding or development experience is required for success.

2-3 Days (Day 3 is optional)

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