Achieving Responsible AI: Micro-Credential Training
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  • Aug 28-28, 2024
    8:00am - 12:01pm
    (Central Time Zone)
    Doug Less
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  • Sep 25-25, 2024
    8:00am - 12:01pm
    (Central Time Zone)
    Doug Less
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What is Achieving Responsible AI with SAFe?
A SAFe Micro-credential course designed to equip Agile professionals with the skills to implement AI responsibly in their teams and organizations.

This course will make you stand out as a leader in implementing responsible AI by providing hands-on experience and practical skills that ensure your AI projects are transparent, accountable, and aligned with human values.

What is a SAFe Micro-credential course?
A new training product from Scaled Agile meticulously designed to bridge the gap between theory & practice, providing actionable insights in a blended learning experience that combines a self-paced e-learning with a half-day, expert-facilitated session focusing on real-world simulations, not slides.

* Scaled Agile, Inc. provides self-paced, online preparation materials to complete prior to the live session.

  • Explain what Responsible AI (RAI) is and why it’s important.
  • Identify how the Core Values and SAFe Principles enable an organization to apply Responsible AI.
  • Explore how to incorporate Responsible AI into Portfolio strategy and LPM.
  • Explain the impact of Responsible AI solutions on ARTs and Teams.
  • Create a consolidated action plan you can take with you to get started with Responsible AI.

Key Activities:

  • Self-paced, on-demand e-learning (1 hour)
    The e-learning module provides a comprehensive introduction to Responsible AI covering foundational concepts and their alignment with SAFe practices. The e-learning module includes several pre-work assignments intended to fully prepare students for the facilitated session - including researching current RAI practices in your organization, reviewing example policies, and ensuring access to a generative AI tool for practical exercises.
  • Activity 1 - Identifying Stakeholders (~30 minutes)
    As future change agents and advocates for RAI, one of the first and most important tasks is to think about the people in an organization who would need to be involved in implementing RAI, what their responsibilities would be, as well as their top concerns. Learners will leave this activity with an actionable stakeholder map for future initiatives.
  • Activity 2 - Evaluating RAI Policies (~25 minutes)
    Get hands-on experience using GenAI applications such as SAFe CoPilot and ChatGPT to apply critical thinking to an example set of policy elements in an RAI plan, identifying improvements needed for organizational fit.
  • Activity 3 - Communicating the Need for RAI (~30 minutes)
    Become empowered to effectively communicate the need for Responsible AI (RAI), the goals of an RAI initiative, and the alignment of an RAI initiative with organizational objectives through a course "elevator pitch" activity.
  • Activity 4 - Writing an RAI Epic Hypothesis Statement (~35 minutes)
    Practice identifying an actionable element of an RAI implementation that requires a significant effort by one or more Value Streams, and scoping that effort using SAFe Epic Hypothesis statement.

Leaders, Lawyers, HR team members, Strategists, SPCs, RTEs, Agile Coaches, and all who are preparing to leverage AI in your organization.

This workshop involves approximately 1 hour of e-learning provided by Scaled Agile Inc. as self-paced preparation.  This work must be completed prior to attending the live, hands-on activities with the expert facilitator to gain the maximum benefit of the program.

4 hours

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Early Bird Price: $449.00

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