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At ICON, you will work with the world's most talented SAFe Fellows, SPCTs, SPCs, RTEs, Scrum Masters, Product Owners, Product Managers, Solution Train Engineers, UX Designers, Solutions Architects, and Enterprise Architects who transform businesses through Agile methodologies. We are a global operation working with Fortune 100 brands. We offer top pay, career-enhancing opportunities, think outside the box, and view our colleagues as thought leaders. If you are ready to take the next step in your career, contact one of our specialized recruiters today.

SAFe Release Train Engineer

United States - Financial Technology

Our SAFe Release Train Engineer: 
  • Partners with other ICON Coaches to facilitate PI Planning readiness 
  • Leads the ART end-to-end system demo cadences to key leaders and stakeholders
  • Runs Inspect & Adapt and ensures the ART have a healthy and thriving continuous learning environment
  • Provides input on resourcing to address critical bottlenecks and gaps

SAFe Scrum Master

Remote - Financial Technology

Our SAFe Scrum Master: 
  • Partners with Release Train Engineer to strengthen existing ARTs
  • Develops other Scrum Masters by teaching and contributing to an Scaled Agile/Lean/DevOps Community of Practice

  • Demonstrates the expert SAFe Scrum Master role to guide others.

  • Assist the team in preparation for PI Planning, Demos, and Inspect and Adapt
  • Focused on improving team dynamics - Helps the team resolve interpersonal conflicts and challenges, and identifies opportunities for growth

SAFe ART Coach (United Kingdom & India)

United Kingdom & India - Automotive

Our SAFe ART Coach: 
  • Partners with other ICON Coaches to Launch New Agile Release Trains
  • Mentors Agile Coaching Teams to new processes and mindset
  • Guides internal employees in their new Critical SAFe Roles
  • Trains SAFe classes to new and existing teams

Scrum Master / Project Manager Hybrid

Remote - Global Healthcare

Our Scrum Master / Project Manager:
  •  Manage parallel project in MS Project Plan with all tasks and dependencies identified and
  • critical path established
  • Understand team resource roles, responsibilities, and capabilities to ensure proper task allocation and workload balance
  • Ensure all change requests are registered in Azure DevOps (ADO) as features with change request #
  • Support Business Analyst (BA) to approve/reject/pause new change requests in Change Advisory Board and set ADO state accordingly (analysing/closed/paused)
  • Tag change requests in ADO based on priority rules and sort the priority accordingly
  • Lead BA and team leads to breakdown all new change requests into user stories with each less than 8 points
  • Facilitate scope and requirements clarification between BA and team leads, revise user stories for complex features/user stories if needed
  • Assign features to estimated go live iteration per story points or LoB deadline
  • Assign user stories to iterations according to feature deadline and story points
  • Conduct backlog refinement to make sure all team understand the feature/user stories
  • Re-assign feature/user story priorities and iterations per refinement
  • Identify list of features/user stories for next iteration 2 week before iteration starts
  • Identify tasks needed to ensure all features/user stories are ready per Definition of Ready 1
  • week before iteration starts
  • Ensure team completes tasks needed to make all user stories ready
  • Lock down list of features/user stories for next iteration 3 days before Iteration Planning
  • Breakdown user stories into tasks before Iteration Planning 1 day before Iteration Planning
  • Conduct Iteration Planning - refine tasks, assign resources per feature priority, finalize all task assignment, balance work load
  • Conduct daily standup, update status
  • Ensure planning of all features with estimated go live date
  • Ensure release note is sent on the same day after each iteration is completed
  • Conduct retrospective at the end of each iteration
  • Ensure 80% of all planned tasks in an iteration are completed initially and reach 90% goal in 2 months
  • Coach resources to update ADO daily so actual load/progress can be updated correctly
  • Coach team members individually not to provide status update but just simple standard scrum answers during daily standup
  • Coach team members to handle emergency change requests and prioritization of work and
  • resources
  • Ensure at least 1 feature is deployed to production in every iteration
  • Ensure 80% of resources are properly allocated on the day iteration planning session is completed