Scrum Master / Project Manager Hybrid


Our Scrum Master / Project Manager:
  •  Manage parallel project in MS Project Plan with all tasks and dependencies identified and
  • critical path established
  • Understand team resource roles, responsibilities, and capabilities to ensure proper task allocation and workload balance
  • Ensure all change requests are registered in Azure DevOps (ADO) as features with change request #
  • Support Business Analyst (BA) to approve/reject/pause new change requests in Change Advisory Board and set ADO state accordingly (analysing/closed/paused)
  • Tag change requests in ADO based on priority rules and sort the priority accordingly
  • Lead BA and team leads to breakdown all new change requests into user stories with each less than 8 points
  • Facilitate scope and requirements clarification between BA and team leads, revise user stories for complex features/user stories if needed
  • Assign features to estimated go live iteration per story points or LoB deadline
  • Assign user stories to iterations according to feature deadline and story points
  • Conduct backlog refinement to make sure all team understand the feature/user stories
  • Re-assign feature/user story priorities and iterations per refinement
  • Identify list of features/user stories for next iteration 2 week before iteration starts
  • Identify tasks needed to ensure all features/user stories are ready per Definition of Ready 1
  • week before iteration starts
  • Ensure team completes tasks needed to make all user stories ready
  • Lock down list of features/user stories for next iteration 3 days before Iteration Planning
  • Breakdown user stories into tasks before Iteration Planning 1 day before Iteration Planning
  • Conduct Iteration Planning - refine tasks, assign resources per feature priority, finalize all task assignment, balance work load
  • Conduct daily standup, update status
  • Ensure planning of all features with estimated go live date
  • Ensure release note is sent on the same day after each iteration is completed
  • Conduct retrospective at the end of each iteration
  • Ensure 80% of all planned tasks in an iteration are completed initially and reach 90% goal in 2 months
  • Coach resources to update ADO daily so actual load/progress can be updated correctly
  • Coach team members individually not to provide status update but just simple standard scrum answers during daily standup
  • Coach team members to handle emergency change requests and prioritization of work and
  • resources
  • Ensure at least 1 feature is deployed to production in every iteration
  • Ensure 80% of resources are properly allocated on the day iteration planning session is completed
Required Knowledge Skills & Abilities:
  • Must be an expert in waterfall project management methodology for multi-million dollar projects
  • Must be an expert in using Azure DevOps for scrum planning and execution
  • Must have 3-5 years development experiences in ETL/DB/integration
  • Expert in identifying root causes and resolutions of impediments in scrum planning to achieve iteration goals
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Experience in managing scrum for a team of 15 resources onshore and off-shore
  • Ability to manage multiple projects/teams concurrently and independently
  • Skilled in working with each resource individually to remove their impediments
  • Minimum 5 years of scrum master experiences in both new projects and production support
  • environments

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