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Course Description

As a leader in your organization, you face tough challenges, including ever-increasing competition that continues to accelerate, a pace of change that threatens to leave you behind, and a lack of visibility to the delivery mechanism in your own organization. Everyone is talking 'transformation', but you have stability in your organization with a legacy of success, and you don't want to throw that away and start from scratch. The leadership tools that got you to your position no longer suffice for this challenge. You have heard of the benefits of Lean and Agile, and scaling those benefits across an enterprise with the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®), but are uncertain what your role as an executive is in this change.

In the Executive Leadership in SAFe course, attendees will gain the knowledge, understanding, tools and the start of a roadmap to embark on this journey. You will learn about the history of management that affects the leadership patterns we use today and how to recognize and change those patterns by applying lean and agile thinking. You will learn why these new patterns are so vital to success in today's rapidly changing business world and leave with a clear direction forward. 


Gain the knowlege, tools, understanding, and the start of a roadmap to embark on a SAFe journey as a leader. 

Topics Covered

Day 1- Scientific Management

  • History of Scientific Management
  • Understanding the Need for Change
  • Overview of the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®)
  • Lean and Agile Principles

Day 2- Systems Management

  • Systems Management
  • Principle of Mission
  • Pull vs Push
  • Creating an Enviroment for Success

Audience and Certification Details

This course is designed for leadership at all levels, but primarily those in larger enterprises who are leading a substantial portion of the organization. While scaling agility through Scaled Agile is a recommended course, it is not a requirement to apply most of the concepts and thinking. 

  • Enterprise leadership roles from C Suite to Program/Product Manager
  • Corporate funding, strategy, and financial rols from C Suite to Program/Product Manager
  • Professional Services Consultants
  • Internal Change Agents, Lean-Agile Center for Excellence (LACE), Agile Working Group


This course is designed to be helpful no matter the current level of understanding of lean and agile. 


2 day


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