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Course Description

Test-Driven Development (TDD) helps developers craft and sustain a high-quality code base. TDD complements agile processes such as Scrum particularly, but it can also provide you with numerous benefits if you’re not at all agile.

This course is the best place to start for most development teams. This class covers TDD fundamentals, sustainable tests, refactoring/continuous design, test doubles/mocks, and – what every developer wants to learn – how to start rescuing your legacy code.


In this course, you’ll obtain a solid foundation for doing test-driven development (TDD). You’ll learn:

  • How continual attention to design simplifies your work and extends the life of your software
  • How TDD encourages continuous design improvement
  • How to craft tests that help you understand and control a higher-quality system
  • How to deal with troublesome dependencies that can make unit testing tough
  • How to tackle the tough challenges of a legacy code base (pretty much every developer’s reality)
  • Specific concepts and themes for approaching the high risk of a legacy codebase
  • How to manage a larger refactoring in a legacy codebase using the Mikado method

Topics Covered

1. Overview of Test-Driven Development

2. Basic TDD Technique

  • Exercise

3. Your Unit Testing Tool

4. TDD and Design

  • What's the next test
  • Group exercise

5. Test Smells

  • Exercise

6. Code Katas

  • Exercise

7. Refactoring and Design

8. Refactoring Drivers

  • Code smells
  • Sample design
  • Classic design principles

9. Basic Factoring

  • Exercise

10. Additional Catalog Regactorings

  • Exercise

11. Macro Refactoring

  • Backing into tests
  • Optional exercise

12. Basic "Mock Technique

  • Test double variants
  • Implementing test doubles
  • Mock injection techniques
  • Exercise
  • 13. Additional Test Double Topics

    • Using mock tools"
    • Exercise
    • Challenges/best practices

    14. Legacy Code Challenges

    • Legacy themes
    • Dependency breaking techniques
    • 2-3 exercises
    • The Mikado Method
    • Optional exercise

    15. BDD and TDD

    16. Sustaining and Succeeding with TDD

    Audience and Certification Details

    This course is primarily intended for hands-on developers who have experience in the language being used. While relatively little prior experience in TDD or writing unit tests is assumed, participants should be equipped and prepared to engage in hands-on coding during the course.


    Participants should be proficient with the JavaScript programming language and its commonly used libraries and APIs, and at least somewhat familiar with the Eclipse IDE.


    2-3 Days


    Email or call (636) 530-7776 for private, on-site pricing.

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