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Course Description

This certification workshop prepares participants to facilitate and deliver TeamHealth Retrospective Assessments and certifies them to be AgilityHealth® Facilitators. 


  • Know the purpose, agenda and deliverables of a TeamHealth Retrospective Assessment.
  • Understand the 5 TeamHealth dimensions, questions asked for each and know how to articulate them to workshop attendees.
  • Have the ability to walk through a detailed Demo of the AgilityHealth® assessment tool and gain the confidence in providing this demo/walk-through to organization leaders and teams.
  • Have participated in a simulation of the TeamHealth Retrospective assessment facilitated by our experts.
  • Have practiced facilitating the TeamHealth retrospective introduction and dimension review with a smaller sub-team.
  • Learn the top Dos and Don’ts when facilitating this session and lessons learned from our expert facilitators.

Audience and Certification Details

Attendees typically include:

  • Agile Coaches
  • Sr. Scrum Masters
  • Managers
  • Other team leaders who want to improve the health and performance of their teams

Upon Completion of the Certification:

  • You will receive an official ‘AgilityHealth® Facilitator’ (AHF) Certificate and may display the logo and abbreviation in your title.
    • You will have access to deliver one FREE TeamHealth assessment and continue to deliver the assessments with paid subscriptions. 
    • You will receive valuable course materials, TeamHealth radar and flashcards.
    • You’ll be invited to the private AgilityHealth® Facilitator Linkedin Group to collaborate with others in the certified community. 


    1 year of experience working on Agile Teams


    Email or call (636) 530-7776 for private, on-site pricing.

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