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Course Description

During this one–day workshop, you will explore proven SAFe adoption patterns (as well as common pitfalls) and how they apply to your context, in order to:

  1. Create the mission statement and charter for the LACE
  2. Understand and learn how to carry out the responsibilities of the LACE
  3. Determine the organizational model for the LACE (centralized, decentralized or hub-and-spoke)
  4. Set up the LACE as an Agile team
  5. Build your initial SAFe Implementation Roadmap
  6. Learn how to prepare to launch your first Agile Release Train (ART)

Topics Covered

  • Proven SAFe adoption patterns described in the SAFe Implementation Roadmap
  • Which LACE organizational model is best for your organization
  • LACE roles and responsibilities, and the key practices the LACE can leverage to drive enterprise adoption
  • An action plan for generating the short-term wins critical to organizational change
  • A roadmap and Kanban system to sustain and expand on early successes
  • Fostering Release Train Engineer (RTE) and Scrum Master Communities of Practice (CoPs)
  • Extending SAFe to Lean Portfolio Management, Human Resources, and Finance

Audience and Certification Details

  • Executive sponsors
  • Change agents
  • Certified SAFe Program Consultants (SPCs)
  • Agile coaches


  • All participants must have attended an Implementing SAFe or Leading SAFe class
  • Completion and socialization of a Value Stream Workshop


1 Day


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